Apr. 28th, 2015

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Have you already donated to help in Nepal? Are you planning to? Have you thought about it at all?

How about if I sweeten the pot? How about if I write fic for you? For every dollar you donate to a charity working to aid in Nepal, I'll write words just for you.

Want something in an established verse? I'll do that (I'm even willing to delve into verses I've stated are closed or fandoms I'm not really active in anymore) Want some crazy, weird crossover? I'll do that. Want an unconventional pairing? I'm there. Want everyone to die? I can do that too. Want something original? Maybe even a time stamp or other bit from something published? Yep, I'll do that too.

Bear in mind the bigger the donation, the more words, and for complicated story lines more words are required.

So, what is it I'm actually offering? So glad you asked.

$5= 500 words (I think I can still do something that small)
$10= 1000 words
$20= 2500 words
$50= 6000 words
$100 = 15000 words

If you're thinking of donating a different amount, we can negotiate a word count. Bear in mind, these are minimum word counts...you know I can get verbose.

So, pick your charity. Pick your donation amount. Donate. Comment here with your donation amount and your request. Screenshots of receipts, particularly of larger amounts are welcome.
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