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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural
Title: Don't Think We're in Kansas, Part 16 (in two posts)
Characters/Pairings: John Sheppard/Sam Winchester/ Dean Winchester, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla, Elizabeth Weir, YED
Word Count: 10259
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The Yellow Eyed Demon has found his way to the Pegasus galaxy, and he still has his eyes set on Sam, but his plans don't take into account that Sam isn't the boy he once was, and the gifts the demon has given him are augmented by the technology that binds him to John and Dean. If Sam gives in to the temptation of power, they could destroy the galaxy. But Sam isn't alone anymore, and no one is prepared for what happens when demon juiced Wraith enzyme comes into play.

A/Ns & Warnings: And here we are, at the end. Thank you to everyone who came along for the ride. Sorry it took so long to get here. Onward to the next adventure.

"No. Absolutely not." Elizabeth said, shaking her head and standing. "I will not authorize a suicide mission."

"It isn't a suicide mission." Sam interjected. "It's a pre-emptive strike." He forced himself not to get up and pace. "I go in alone with the colt. One shot to the head and it's over. Dean and John and all of Atlantis will be safe."

"You want to go in there by yourself, when you and your brother have been warning us for months that this demon you're after is worse than all the Wraith combined?"

Sam licked his lips. "I know, but he doesn't know I have the Colt, and he won't be expecting me to come alone. In every dream and every vision, Dean and John are there with me, and in every one of them they die. If I go alone they stay alive."

"And what about you?" Elizabeth asked, coming to his side of the desk and leaning against it. "What happens to you?"

Sam bit his lip and looked away, his hands picking at imaginary lint on his jeans. "I…end up…" He sighed explosively and jumped up to pace. "It doesn't end well. That's why I want to go alone. I can change it."

"And what did Colonel Sheppard have to say?"

Sam rolled his shoulders and leaned on the back of the chair. "I haven't said anything to him, or Dean. They'd never agree."

"But you thought I would? Have you even thought about the proximity problem? I know that you have a larger range than when you first came to Atlantis, but you could all fall down dead as soon as you're through the gate."

Sam nodded. That he had taken into consideration. "A lot has changed, and yeah, we haven't tested it, but we've overcome a lot of the programming built into the collars. There's no reason to believe that hasn't changed too."

"No reason to believe it has either." Elizabeth countered. She crossed her arms and looked at him. "I know that you're worried about your brother and Colonel Sheppard. I am too. But running off on your own isn't the way to solve this."

"Every other scenario leads to them dying." Sam said, though he knew he'd lost the argument. Worse, he could feel Dean trying to figure out what he was up to. "Forget I said anything."

He left her office and headed toward Ronon who was leaning against the railing of the stairs. "Dean send you?" Sam asked.

"Nope." Ronon grinned and touched his earpiece. "Got him."

"John." Sam muttered, shaking his head. "This is getting old. I can't even go to the bathroom without one of them worrying about where I am."

"Maybe if you'd stop hiding from them they'd back off."

"I'm not hiding." Sam groused. "Not exactly. But whatever is causing it, our connection is so strong I sometimes can't tell if I'm me, and having the two of them constantly in my head is exhausting."

"I bet." Ronon fell into step beside him, rubbing their shoulders together with a grin. "Can think of better ways to exhaust you."

Sam couldn't help but grin. "Yeah? Just you and me, or are we inviting the wonder twins along for the fun?"

Ronon pulled him into a side corridor and shoved him against the wall, one hand reaching down to grab his cock as he leaned in close. "Don't need anybody else to fuck you into the wall."

Sam's cock twitched and he nipped at Ronon's lips. "Right here in the hallway, Ronon?"


Sam turned them so Ronon was pressed against the wall. "Little public for my taste. That's more Dean's thing."

Ronon turned them again, pulling on Sam's lip with his teeth. Sam leaned his head to the side, offering up his neck for Ronon's mouth. He nipped at skin until he got to the base of Sam's neck, then he bit and sucked and dragged them further down the hall, his hand swinging out to get the door to a room open.

Sam barely registered some sort of lab before Ronon's hands were pulling at his pants and his mouth was still working on bruising Sam's neck. He let go with a pop and dropped to one knee as he freed Sam's cock, taking it into his mouth quickly, fingers playing with Sam's balls. "Damn."

Sam reached behind him for the console, bracing himself as Ronon's mouth moved over his cock, quickly bringing him to a full erection and half way to coming. Sam could sort of sense John and Dean, reacting predictably, but then Ronon was standing up and turning him around and his big hands were pushing Sam over the console. There was spit and fingers and way before he was ready, Ronon was pushing into his ass.

The noise in his head rose and his own arousal was joined by Dean's and John's, blurring and blending and magnifying until Sam was coming hard. Ronon didn't slow down, even as Sam was trying to sift through the overwhelming explosion inside his head. Dean's hand was on his cock, even if Dean wasn't in the room, except it was John's hand, or it was Dean's cock or they were all one with one hand and one cock and come all over the place.

Sam moaned and reached for his cock, half expecting other hands. He was still hard and each touch was like fire, coaxing a little more liquid from him, bringing more of Dean and John and Sam was sure he couldn't come anymore, but then Ronon shifted speed and pulled back to change the angle and he thought Dean was screaming, or was that his voice? He couldn't tell.

The first rush of heat from Ronon's orgasm was too much and Sam whited out, collapsing forward onto the console as his knees gave out. Ronon caught his hips and held him while Sam fought his way back, dragging a hand over his face.

"You all right?"

Sam grinned sheepishly and nodded, testing his weight on rubbery legs before he moved to pull his pants up. "Yeah. That was…intense."

Ronon's grin was huge and Sam laughed. "You should be grateful you aren't a part of this…." He gestured at his neck to indicate the collar. "We should go check on John and Dean."

The four of them ended up in John's bed, spending the next couple of hours exhausting each other in every way possible. Sam fell asleep with Dean spooned up behind him, falling quickly under his fatigue. He chased dreams around for a while until something caught his attention and he found himself looking at the demon they had prisoner.

"You want more, don't you Sam? It's going to make you strong, strong enough to beat them all."

"Beat who?" Sam asked, though his voice sounded more like Dean's.

"Anyone. Everyone. He's waiting for you. If you take what he sent for you, you'll be strong enough."

He could see the syringe in the man's hand, felt a desire to feel that power. "I could kill you with it." Sam said, suddenly certain.

"You could try."

It was still dark outside the windows as Sam came awake. He slipped from the bed and went into the bathroom to splash his face with cold water. He could still feel the desire, the flush of power and somehow he knew that with the power of the demon beside it, that rush would be stronger, bigger.

He stepped out of the bathroom and listened, watching the bed for signs that any of them had woken with him. When there was none, he went to the door, leaving quietly and making for his room. He got dressed quickly, like he was heading out on a mission. He stopped at the nightstand and retrieved the colt, loading it with the remaining bullets and tucking in his belt.

He moved quickly then, through the halls and down to the infirmary. The night crew was small and in general accustomed to seeing him. He greeted the doctor, his eyes traveling to the case where Carson was keeping the sample of the enzyme they had taken from the demon. He told the doctor he was out of the sleeping pills Carson had given him, and when the doctor left the room to get him more, Sam opened the case and pulled out the vial and a syringe, sticking them in his pocket as the doctor returned. "Thanks."

He went from there to detention, dismissing the guards at the door as the demon realized he was there. "Okay, how do I use it?" Sam asked, holding up the vial.

"Ready to play with the big boys, Sammy? You aren't ready for that. You need what I've got first or it will blow your head off."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, though he suspected he knew.

"Gonna have to get closer, Sammy boy."

Sam opened the door and stepped inside. The demon rattled the restraints keeping it in the chair. "Hope you've got a knife or something."

Sam paused to pull a knife from his boot, then crossed to the chair. "Now what?"

"You're gonna have to cut me, son. Make it nice and clean, deep, then drink down as much as you can."

"You want me to drink your blood. Like some kind of vamp?"

He laughed. "No vampire would get this close to what you're about to taste."

Sam could feel Dean beginning to stir, to realize Sam was gone. He was going to run out of time. "Okay, so I cut you and I drink and then what?"

The demon smiled at him. "Then you inject that and become stronger than you ever imagined."

He adjusted his grip on the knife and stepped closer. It was a disgusting thought, but somehow he knew it was what he needed to get to the yellow eyed demon. In one quick motion, Sam sliced through the man's arm, then leaned in and clamped his mouth around the wound.

Copper tang filled his mouth and he closed his eyes, swallowing quickly so he wouldn't think too much about it. Fire traced down his throat, pooled in his stomach and flared out. His heart raced and every nerve ending in his body seemed alive. Bits and pieces of dreams and visions shifted in his head, slowely forming a more cohesive picture.

Yellow Eyes was waiting for him. This wasn't exactly how it had been meant to go, but he'd meant for this to happen, for Sam to get filled up with the blood, brought to life by it …to become something new. Same pulled back, wiping blood from his face and he raised the vial and syringe. His hands shook as he filled it, but he jabbed the needle into his thigh and pushed the plunger.

For a second he couldn't breathe as it burned it's way into him, feeling through his muscles and flaring to life inside him. Knowledge he shouldn't possess clicked into place and his head filled with what he could do. Sam stood, fully aware of John and Dean, now both fully awake and coming for him, of the smug demon crouching inside the poor man in front of him, of the fact that he could kill that demon with just a bit of effort.

He reached out the hand as the demon laughed, grabbing and pulling it from its host, squeezing until the laughter ended and the smoke was gone. He turned then, knowing he needed to hurry before Dean and John could stop him. He raced up to the gate room, greeting the lone tech working the night shift, and apologizing before he punched the guy out. Sam dialed the gate and watched it come to life. Just before he headed down the stairs, Sam pulled the Colt from his belt and laid it on the console, leaving the equivalent to a mental note attached to it. One he knew both Dean and John would understand. Yellow Eyes expected him. Expected Dean, maybe even John.

Atlantis was so much more and Sam wasn't planning to walk into this without back up.

Sam knew the gate would close behind him before his brother could stop him, but Dean wouldn't be far behind. He only had to distract the demon long enough for the plan to unfold.

Dean came to a screeching halt as the gate closed. John raced past him and up the stairs into the control room. 'Damn it, Sam." Dean yelled, still trying to figure out how Sam kept what he was doing hidden from them up until the moment his senses had just exploded. "What did you do?"

Ronon jogged up behind him, holding up a syringe. "Guy was bleeding and rambling about Sam and demons. Found this on the floor."

Dean felt the moment John picked up the gun, Sam…asking them to follow, bring back up, he'd clear the gate. "Damn it, Sam."

"Suit up." John said as he ran down the stairs and tossed the Colt to Ronon. "Sam wants you to have that, and he says to aim for the head."

"So, we're doing this?" Dean asked. They turned as one to run back to get dressed in mission gear and John nodded.

"Yeah, before the proximity issue hits and none of us can move." John said. "Ronon, wake Lorne, have him get two units into jumpers to follow us through. Cloak immediately."

"Got it." Ronon peeled off at a run.

Dean followed John into what served as a locker room because it was closer than their rooms. The absence of Sam in his head was disconcerting after so long having him there. Dean's stomach twisted and John's hand slipped into his, their minds all but sliding into sync as well. "I know." Dean whispered. John didn't have to speak his own fear and anger and determination. They lived in Dean's chest.

They finished dressing and headed for the armory. Ronon caught up with them as they got back to the gate room and Elizabeth was waiting on the stairs, her arms crossed, looking a little sleep mussed. "Colonel Sheppard--"

"We're going after him." John said, his hand on Dean's chest to stop him from saying it.

"Ronon filled me in." Elizabeth said, signaling the tech to start dialing. "I'm not stopping you, I'm here to ask what you need."

"I've got Lorne and two teams in jumpers ready to go. Sam said he'd clear the gate for us." John said.

Elizabeth nodded and touched her earpiece. "Major Lorne, are you ready?"

"Locked and loaded."

"I want the first jumper to precede Colonel Sheppard's team and ensure that the gate has been cleared."

'Roger that. Just tell us when."

"I do hope you were planning on waiting for us." Teyla said, as she stopped beside Ronon. McKay was beside her, still pulling his vest on.

"I wasn't going to ask…" John said, trailing off as the gate opened. "Clear the space." He gestured for them to get back. "Okay, Lorne, gate's open."

"We're a team." Teyla said with a smile. "There is no need to ask.

Dean was starting to feel a little woozy and a look at John said he was feeling it too. "We need to move."

John nodded and looked up as a jumper lowered into the room and lined up with the gate. It wooshed through and in only a minute Dean could hear Lorne in his ear. "This side is clear. I'll make a sweep around the area and come back for cover."

"Roger that. Team two, be ready for Elizabeth's mark. Dean, Ronon on point, Teyla, keep me apprised of any possible Wraith feelings. Move out."

Dean fell into step beside Ronon, his gun up as they stormed through the gate. There were two stunned or dead Wraith near the dialing device, but other than that, there was nothing to be seen but a low, grassy plain that gave way to trees about a half mile away. They stopped when they were far enough from the gate that the jumper could follow them through.

They watched as it cloaked and moved off toward their right. "Colonel Sheppard, this is Lorne. I think I found what you're looking for."

"What is it, Major?"

"There's a Wraith hive ship on the ground about 30 clicks from here. There are only about twenty life signs though."

"Awfully small for a hive." Ronon said, his hand on the hilt of the Colt.

"I still can't feel Sam at all." Dean said.

"Me either." John answered. "But I'm betting that's where he is."

"So what's the plan?" Ronon asked.

John sighed and pulled a hand through his hair. "I guess, at this point to follow Sam's plan, which as I understand it involves you…doing what you do."

Dean nodded, "And not telling us what that is. If I'm reading his intention he thinks the demon can sense his thoughts, knows what he would plan, and by extension that includes us. He doesn't know shit about you."

"In the meantime, we take out as many of his as we can." John added.

"You know he could have stuffed demons into all of them." Dean said. "Putting them down won't be easy."

"It never is." John said. "It never is. On the bright side, I don't feel like I'm going to pass out anymore."

Dean shook his head with a snort. "Yeah, we've got 'em on the ropes now."

Sam made no attempt at hiding when he came through the gate. He set off at a jog, following a path he'd dreamed for weeks. His head was buzzing with the power that had exploded through him and it was nothing to put down the two Wraith standing guard at the gate, yanking the demons from them was all it took for them to fall down dead.

Meg was nearby, Sam could feel her. Some part of him craved what she could give him. More of this, more power. She could make him unstoppable.

He could see the ship as he paused in the tree line, his heart racing a little, his head starting to feel a little fuzzy. Then everything righted itself and he knew Dean and John were there. Dean was reaching for him, but Sam kept his focus, kept himself out of Dean's reach. He needed the focus.

He pushed all thoughts of Dean and John and whatever plan they might have deep down. They were not a part of what he needed to do. Sam squared his shoulders and set out for the ship. The Yellow Eyed demon was inside there. Waiting.

Sam was pretty sure that he was expected. The door was open when he reached it and the first two Wraith he encountered stepped aside and let them by. He followed the pull of his dreams, leading him down into the belly of the ship, into a room that looked suspiciously like a throne room.

He recognized Meg as she sidled up to a male Wraith who sat on the throne. Memory flashed through him of when he'd last seen her, but he shoved it away.

"Samuel Winchester, it's about time you joined us." He stood, watching Sam as he descended the three stairs from the throne platform. His eyes flicked to the Wraith on the perimeter of the room. "Go, make sure we aren't disturbed."

"I'm not here to join you." Sam said, taking a step closer. "I told you before, I'm not interested."

"Yes, I recall." The demon smiled at him. "But that was before you knew what I could do for you. Now, you've had a taste."

"I'm here to send you back to hell." Sam said.

He laughed, circling Sam. "Is that what you've come to do? Really, Sam? Do you think you're strong enough for that?" His hand shot out and caught Sam in the chest, almost instantly sucking at his life. Sam's knees buckled and he went down, breaking the connection. "Isn't this meatsuit amazing?"

He held up the hand, flexing the fingers. "I could kill you with this. I could make you more powerful than you ever dreamed with it too." That hand came back and Sam gasped as life soared back into him, fire and power and strength in abundance.

He staggered to his feet and pulled away, lifting his gun. "Enough. I don't know what it is you want with me, but I really don't care either."

"Well, I'll be honest with you, Sammy. What I wanted when you were a baby is not what I want now. There was this whole plan….you and me, starting the apocalypse, raising Lucifer from the pits of hell to reign over earth…it would have been glorious, Sammy." He strolled back to the throne and sat, one leg casually thrown over the arm. "But now we're here….and here is a wonderful place. Forget ruling earth. Here, we could rule the galaxy."

"This is starting to sound like a bad movie." Sam said, feeling the power inside him build. "Maybe I should kill you before you start monologuing." He reached out, felt for the edges of the demon and grabbed hold.

He laughed. "Are you strong enough for that yet, Sam? Did I give you enough juice?"

Sam pulled harder, and for a minute thought it was working, then there was a hand on his thigh and the power drained out of him. He nearly passed out as he crashed to the floor, ending up with Meg squatting over him, her hand still on his thigh. "You still taste good, Sam. I could eat you up."

"Okay, that's enough. Give it back. I think he's learned his lesson."

Her hand rubbed over the skin exposed through the tear in his pants, her smile sickening as she rolled her eyes, but complied with the order. Sam waited until she started to pull her hand away, then yanked at the demon inside her, succeeding in pulling it out and squeezing it dead.

"You learn fast, Sammy." He was on his feet again, moving fast. Sam could feel his power, pressure against his chest, shoving him back and then lifting him from his feet. "You're a smart boy, can't you see what I'm offering?"

Sam pushed back at him with all his strength, succeeding at least in getting his feet back on the ground. There were others coming now, more Wraith…but they weren't alone.

"Oh, here comes big brother." The demon's head turned and Sam didn't have to look to know Dean was there, pinned against the wall. "Did he fuck you last night, Sam? Or was that the Colonel?"

"Sam!" Dean was struggling and John yelled as invisible hands dragged him across the floor. With them both in the room, it was harder for Sam to keep them blocked out, keep his focus on the demon.

"Stop." Sam stepped trying to pull out of the invisible grip, sagged a little and let the demon pull him closer. "Leave them alone."

"I promised you I would bleed them both, burn them."

Sam shook his head. "You don't have to." He let all the frustration of the last months, all the disagreements, all of the times he felt smothered fill him up and he met the demon's eyes. "Let me do it."

That pulled the demon's attention back to him. "What's that Sam? You want to gut them?"

"Give me the juice." Sam said, his voice dark and low. "They won't know what hit them."

The demon's smile grew. "Do you think I would trust you with that much power? I thought I had you in that desert and you betrayed me."

"Can you feel what I'm feeling?" Sam asked. He ripped his shirt open, letting the walls between him and Dean and John fall, letting their minds snap together, filling up with the pain and anger and fear they shared, letting it swell out of proportion to all the rest of the emotion and pushing all of it at the demon. "You want me to do it, don't you? Kill them? The way I did Meg? I can, you know? Just need more power."

The demon's hand moved to Sam's already marked chest and pressed against the skin. Sam's eyes rolled closed as the power flowed into him, through him, into Dean and John, building and feeding back to him until everything went white.

Sam opened his eyes as the hand left him. The demon's eyes were wide, it's mouth open as light cracked around the open wound in his head. He fell backwards, and Ronon moved out of the way, the Colt in his hand still smoking.

Sam staggered backward, his senses blown open. Dean and John mirrored his movements, their eyes on him. "Is he dead?" Sam asked, though it sounded to him like they'd all spoken together.

Ronon nodded and kicked him. "Think so."

The other Wraith were still coming and Sam turned, raising a hand as the first of them entered the room, growling and dripping with fury. It seemed almost effortless to pull the demon and dump the dead Wraith. Dean and John moved closer, their hands out stretched as they joined him.

"Teyla." Sam could almost see her and Rodney, trying to hold off two Wraith near the engine room. Together, the three of them turned and set off at a run with Ronon behind them. Every Wraith they encountered, they put down . The two pinning down Teyla and Rodney were full of bullet holes, only the demon within keeping them alive.

They went down and Ronon yelled for Teyla and Rodney to hurry. Sam could feel the separation starting, thoughts blurring, Dean and John moving on their own. It made him a little dizzy. His head was abuzz with their thoughts, with images of people and places, memories that he was pretty sure weren't his own. He reached for Dean as his knees buckled, the input too much for him to handle.

"We gotta move."

"Sam, come on Sam."

He tried to pull himself up, but stumbled and landed on the floor. Big hands pulled him up, hefted him until he was over Ronon's shoulder and they set off at a jog.

Sam was vaguely aware of the air outside the ship, of the sharp smell of explosives, the force of a blast, then he could feel John telling him to sleep, to rest, that it was over.

Before he was even aware that he was awake, Sam was aware of Dean, in the bed beside his, of John in the bed beside that, of Ronon in a chair, watching. He could sense the doctors and nurses, the machines, the city itself. He was home in Atlantis. The Yellow Eyed demon was dead. They were free.

Sam opened his eyes and the room settled into view. Ronon was up instantly and at his side. "Hey."

"Hey." Sam responded, his voice sounding strange, grassly and low.

Carson appeared, stethoscope in hand. "Ah, you're awake finally."

"Finally?" Sam asked, looking up at Ronon.

"Three days." Ronon offered.

"Three days?" Sam frowned. "What happened?"

"You passed out, then Dean did, then John." Ronon responded. "We barely got all of you out of the ship before it blew."

"And you've been unconscious since you got back." Carson added, moving in to listen to his heart. When he was satisfied, he stepped back. "How are you feeling?"

Sam gave himself a once over mentally. He was sore all over, but not hurt. Dean was waking up, John too. "Oh." Sam turned to look at them, then at Carson. "The collars….they're gone."

Carson nodded. "When we got you under the scanner it looked like the technology had just vanished."

Sam shook his head. "No, it was…overloaded." But he could still feel John and Dean just the same."

"Gone?" Dean asked, his hand rubbing over his neck.

"Why does it still feel like they're there?" John asked.

Sam shrugged. "Must have something to do with what the demon did."

"I feel fine." John said.

"Better than." Dean added, nodding.

"I'll be the judge of that, young man." Carson said, turning to a nurse to order a bunch of tests. Sam settled back against his pillows, closing his eyes and letting the familiar wash over him.

Dean watch Sam out on the balcony. There was contentment and peace emanating from his brother, emotions he'd never really associated with his family. They were finally safe. The monster that had started them on the path that had led them here was dead. They were free of the technology that had bound them here for the last year.

They could go home.

Sam leaned forward, put his head on his hands on the railing. Sam was home. Dean knew it without asking. John had asked him if he wanted to stay and Dean couldn't answer. Some part of him did. Some part of him loved the family they had become. Maybe even some part of him loved John.

He stepped out onto the balcony, into the warmth of the late afternoon sun. Sam turned to him when he got close, his lips finding Dean's easily, licking over them. Dean surrendered to the kiss, parting his lips and letting Sam lead. It was comforting. Familiar.

Sam's hands lifted to hold Dean's face, their bodies lining up. Heat flared in Dean's stomach, desire and lust spreading through him. There was an echo of it coming from Sam, and other from John who was nearby. Sam reached out for John, even as he tugged on Dean's hands, pulling him back toward the room.

The room was warm and Sam's hands on his skin were hot, pulling at his clothes until they had to separate enough to get them off. John's hands were warm too as they slid over Dean's hips, his lips kissing over Dean's shoulders. John held him as he stepped out of his pants, then guided him back toward Sam, who had been joined by Ronon.

As Sam kissed him, Ronon's hand circled Dean's cock and John's lips closed on the side of his neck and when he closed his eyes, Dean could feel Ronon doing the Sam to Sam, feel John's hand on Sam's cock. John and Ronon moved them closer together, lining up their cocks, each of them working over both cocks at once until Dean thought he could come just like that.

Sam was first to break the moment, turning to kiss Ronon, all open mouth and hungry. Dean followed, pulling Ronon in as Sam let go, lips and teeth clashing, Ronon's big hands pushing him toward the bed. There was more clothing coming off and Sam climbing over Dean, his hard cock rubbing through Dean's crack, then Ronon was behind Sam, his fingers pushing into Dean, warm lube easing the way before his slick fingers guided Sam's cock to Dean's hole.

Dean held his breath as he was simultaneously filled and felt as though he was pushing into a hot ass. Then Sam was deep inside him and kissing him and Dean gasped as Ronon's fingers moved inside of Sam, opening him up, filling him up until Dean almost couldn't breathe around the sensation. Ronon and Sam moved almost as one, pressing Sam into Dean and out again.

He felt, more than saw John kneeling beside him, opening his mouth for John's already dripping cock. A hand circled his cock and it was all too much for him, orgasm ripping through him quickly, smearing come over his stomach. John slipped in and out of Dean's mouth, the salt of his precome coating Dean's tongue. Ronon's movements were slow but hard and Sam's cock was hot inside him, filling him as Sam came.

Sam's head fell back against Ronon's shoulder, the long column of his neck exposed. Dean wanted to lick it, swallowing the salty taste as John did the licking. Sam's hand curled around John's cock, keeping rhythm with Ronon until they both groaned and heat filled the air as they came as one.

Sam slid down to lay beside Dean, kissing him before pulling John in to kiss as well. "Does this mean you're staying?" John asked softly.

Sam looked at Dean but didn't say anything. Dean nodded. "Yeah, we're staying."

John smiled and leaned over Sam to kiss Dean. "Welcome home."

Home. It was something they hadn't had in a while, outside of each other.
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