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Things hit a snag in my world recently. Nothing I can't handle, but I am listing a bunch of stuff on Ebay to try to raise some cash. Several fandom things included: Supernatural, Christian Kane, Steve Carlson, Star Trek, Star Wars, plus random art, a sword or get the picture.

I figured some of these things are items my readers might be interested in. First round closes tomorrow where the big ticket item is a poster print of one of my pictures signed by Christian and Steve.

Here's the list:

I also just listed a signed SPN trading card, signed by Jensen Ackles and Julie Benz:

More trading cards will be going up, including Supernatural, Star Wars and Star Trek.

I'm hoping to raise enough money to bail me out of this situation (long story short, got ripped off by a "collections agency" in a mistaken effort to repair my credit).

Let me know if you have any questions!
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