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So, I am currently employed in a great job at great pay and I have been working at cleaning up my past bad credit. However, last month in an effort to clean up an old debt, I got ripped off instead. The collection agency was supposed to collect $330 from my bank account and instead took $3300. This caused a whole hell of a lot of chaos and made my rent check bounce.

What followed was even more of a mess and has led to getting a lawyer and filing a suit to get the money back.

In the mean time, I'm out the $1800 for that rent. Fortunately, my landlord is letting me pay it pack in installments, but they're not happy. The sooner I can get it paid off the better.

If you can spare anything at all, my gofund me is here: Help Me Cover Back Rent

I have a number of "rewards" on the go fund me, but don't be shy about asking for something that isn't there, a story you'd like to see, an edit on something you're working on....I'd rather earn the money than just take donations...though at this point I'm grateful for just the donations too.
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