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Hey there everyone! Welcome to the end of 2015.

I hope everyone out there is feeling good and doing good and planning a few shenanigans!

I'm feeling a need to stretch my fingers into some fandoms beyond what I've been writing recently, which has mostly been SG1 and SGA, along with some original I turn to you, my friends and readers.

Let's call it a Christmas Request post. I won't promise to write something for every prompt, but I'll write as many as the muse allows between now and the end of the year. I will give at least 300 words, but y'all know I can be pretty verbose when the muse strikes.

So, comment below with your desired fandom, pairing/characters, and either an image or up to a ten word prompt (can be a random list of words or an inspiring phrase/sentence).

Fandoms I will consider:

Criminal Minds
White Collar
Saving Hope
Hawaii 5-0

Possibly others. If you think I watch it and might write it, you can ask. I will also do crossovers. Yes, even crazy ones. I will consider a crossover with a Stargate character or two, but need the challenge of other characters again.

I should mention here that I am not actively writing RPS at the moment, so I will not be writing any RPS prompts, regardless of what fandom.

Please specify in your prompt if you want it kept to a PG rating. Also be specific if you don't want angst, because my muse loves the angst. How about I give you a template?

Image Prompt: give me a URL or whatever
Word Prompt:
Anything you don't want:

Ready? Set. Go
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