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Title: Time and Time Again, Part Three
Author: phantisma
Artist: magnavox_23
Genre: drama, adventure, AU
Rating:NC-17 (but on the lighter side)
Characters: Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Vala Mal Doran, Cameron Mitchell
Pairings:Vala/Daniel, Vala/Sam
Warnings: Major Character Deaths (multiple)

Summary: At the end of everything, Vala Mal Doran stands alone, the last of SG1 left standing. When she is offered a chance, a possibility to change one moment in her life, she changes everything, and in the end, changes nothing at all.

book cover

Memories crashed through her, memories of things she would rather forget, things she witnessed Qetesh do while trapped inside her own body. Her muscles were tense, even as she slowly became aware of more than the memories. Someone nearby was talking, but she couldn't pull back enough from the fear and fury held in the memories to make sense of it.

"Dial it down."

The memories faded back and she could feel the table under her, the restraints that kept her bound to the table, the Tok'ra memory device stuck into her temple. There were two men in the room. One of them stepped a little closer. "How're you feeling?"

Vala panted and turned to look at him. "A little dizzy. A little tired. And very, very angry." The rage wasn’t hers, not really.

"Oh, that's because the flashbacks you're experiencing are dredging up some long-buried emotions that may be coloring your conscious mind."

Vala squinted at him, imagining squeezing his tiny head between her hands and twisting his neck until it popped. "I'm gonna kill both of you in the most painful way possible."

He didn't even have the decency to look concerned. "Things'll go a lot faster if you just relax." He glanced over his shoulder and nodded to the other man in the room. "Whenever you're ready."

Vala groaned as the memories surged again; Jaffa killing other Jaffa, and humans as well, battles that covered landscapes. Her body arched up in pain as they continued digging. She couldn't have guessed how long it lasted before it was once more pulled back and she could sense her surroundings again.

The man torturing her smiled down on her as her breathing started to even out. "You know what I think the problem is?"

Vala licked her lips and looked at the ceiling. "That I can't strangle you?"

He laughed and leaned over her, forcing her to look at him. "You're fighting the process. In the end, all you're really doing is delaying the inevitable. Why don't we try and keep an open mind? Hmm?"

"Why don't you fuck off and--" The end of her thought vanished as the memory device came back on and she fought yelling as it ripped deeper into her memory for the information they wanted.

"What was that? Turn it down."

Vala was only partially aware of her surroundings as the men scrambled and gunshots rang out. Her torturer started to remove her restraints, then dove at the equipment. The zing of a zat blast sang through the room and there was a surge through her head, leaving a trail of white noise and empty spaces. She frantically tried to finish freeing herself, even as a man in uniform came into the room, telling her he was there to help.

She didn't even have time to decide whether or not to trust him before he was collapsing to the ground, shot through the chest.

She jumped from the table and took off running, pulling at the device in her temple. She didn't look back, her heart pounding and her mind swiftly letting go of every memory.

"Vala? Vala, it's me, Daniel. We know you're in here. There's nowhere else you could've gone."

She hid in the shadows behind industrial crates and shelving, scared and despite how familiar the voice sounded, unsure.

"Vala?" That voice was more familiar and Vala eased the gun out of the back of her pants before moving slowly toward the voices. Flashes of memory flickered, voices, gunfire.

"Vala? I know you're scared. But we're not here to hurt you. We can help you remember."

There was an eruption of gunfire and yelling and Vala stood, holding the gun in front of her and moving toward the nearest exit. A woman stood in her way, a strange gun in her hand. "Get out of my way."

She shook her head. "Vala, it's me, Sam."

A man stepped in beside her, his gun hanging loose in his hand.

"Get out of my way or I will shoot you."

The man put his gun on the floor and the woman followed suit. "You don't remember who you are, but we do," he said.

"But we do." She added.

There was yelling and more gunfire, sounds of zinging electricity that drew her attention.

"Vala, if we let you go, you're gonna make yourself disappear. You've been running so long it's almost second nature to you."

Vala looked from him to the woman, memories welling up inside her and for the first time since that day in Sol's, the memories weren't terrifying. They were warm, filled with smiling faces and laughter, with friendship.

"You don't remember it, but you made a decision to stop running. It's over. Now it's time to come home."

Vala lifted the fingers of her free hand to touch her lips as a memory flooded her with warmth, a kiss…soft lips on hers. Tears filled her eyes and she blinked to clear them, looking up at the two of them. "Sam? Daniel?" Her voice trembled, but she lowered the gun and let them pull her into a hug as everything in her head shifted into place and she was herself again.

She was quiet as they took her back to the base, the memories dancing around in her head, reminding her of all that she had thought she had put behind her when she'd woken up without Qetesh in her head. Beside her, Sam slid a hand over hers and offered her a warm smile. "You okay?" she asked softly.

Vala saw Daniel turn to look at them briefly, then look away. She nodded. "I think so."

"We'll have Dr. Lam check you out once we get you home."

Vala nodded again, then let her head fall back to rest against the back of the seat. She was suddenly so tired. Her eyes slid closed and she let herself drift, listening to the sounds of the road under them as the memories played out.


She'd felt that once or twice in her life. She pulled Sam's hand closer. If she let herself believe, let herself trust…maybe she could feel it again.

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