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Hi everyone. I know I haven't posted in forever, and I doubt I'll be doing a lot of posting here in the near term. I am very focused on original novel writing at this time, so all of my spare time gets eaten up there.

There has been a renewed interest in several of my stories of late over on Live Journal, but being that I am not going to accept their new T&C, I can't really access or respond to any of them.

I will make an effort to get folks access here on Dreamwidth to whatever they're interested in reading. So spread the word to folks. This is the only home for In Service in particular, and that is not going to transition to AO3, like a bunch of my work did.

Folks can contact me here, and I will try to respond, or you can email : phantisma at

If you are interested, my first two novels can be found:

Through Shade and Shadow

I am busy at work on the sequel to Through Shade and Shadow and I am currently editing an anthology of short stories for my publisher.

You can hit up my website for all the interesting tidbits, including my blog: Natalie J Case
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