Aug. 12th, 2007

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Fandom: Supernatural, Broken!Verse (All of Broken is Here)
Title: Destinations, Epilogue
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean, John, Caleb/ Gabe (OMC), Allen (OMC), Bobby
Rating: NC-17, for ongoing themes and sex
Word Count: 4382
Summary: The hunters deal with their injuries and the emotional fallout. Allen learns the truth about Gabe and Caleb, who take another step in their relationship and Dean's nightmares lead to Sam trying to comfort him.

A/Ns & Warnings: So...wincesting of the boys, because comforting needs sex. Oh, be quiet. In my world it does. Oh, and I should mention the BDSM: some bondage, a spanking, use of toys. That Caleb? He's one lucky guy!

He had the blinds drawn, the lights off, his body crammed as tightly into the chair as he could manage, his knees bent and tucked in against his chest, his head resting on his knees, his eyes locked on the sleeping form of his brother. )

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So...I have a birthday coming up next month (it's September 13th, for those of you playing along). I am, traditionally, uber easy to please, because I don't expect much. I've learned that over the long haul, it makes birthdays much easier to get through if you completely expect everyone to either forget, or have no time or money or gift-giving sensability. I have also learned that I have some of the most creative friends in the world, and if I provide them with a handy-dandy little list of non-money related creative type gifties that would totally rock my world, one or more of them provide said gifties and my birthday becomes this swimming pool of happy I am unlikely to experience ever again.

So...that said...I provide said list (and try not to feel like I'm being selfish or needy or greedy) ) I feel like a totally selfish creepoid who makes all kinds of crazy demands. Feel free to skip it all together.
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