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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural
Title: Don't Think We're in Kansas, Part 16 (in two posts)
Characters/Pairings: John Sheppard/Sam Winchester/ Dean Winchester, Rodney McKay, Ronon Dex, Teyla, Elizabeth Weir, YED
Word Count: 10259
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The Yellow Eyed Demon has found his way to the Pegasus galaxy, and he still has his eyes set on Sam, but his plans don't take into account that Sam isn't the boy he once was, and the gifts the demon has given him are augmented by the technology that binds him to John and Dean. If Sam gives in to the temptation of power, they could destroy the galaxy. But Sam isn't alone anymore, and no one is prepared for what happens when demon juiced Wraith enzyme comes into play.

A/Ns & Warnings: And here we are, at the end. Thank you to everyone who came along for the ride. Sorry it took so long to get here. Onward to the next adventure.

Sam and Dean moved in tandem behind John, covering ground quickly through the Wraith ship. "Rodney, how's your end?" John asked across the open signal.

"Five more minutes." Rodney's voice sounded in Sam's ear.

"You've got two." John replied.

They turned a corner and Sam "saw" the Wraith seconds before either of the others, his hand shooting out to grab the back of John's vest and yank him back, shoving Dean into the adjoining hallway just as two stunner blasts flew past them.

Sam turned and shot, taking down the Wraith before either John or Dean had fully recovered. "Everyone okay?"

"What was that?" John asked and Sam could feel him asking with more than his voice.

Sam shrugged, not entirely certain himself. "I just…I knew he was there."

Dean frowned at him and pushed off the wall he'd ended up leaning against. "You're starting to get creepy with that shit, Sam."

He could feel the relief though and he offered a tight smile as John set out again. "Daedalus, this is Sheppard. We are moving into position."

"Ready to beam you out, Colonel."

"Roger. Stand by."

They turned another corner, and Sam felt the satisfaction and spike of desire as John spotted Ronon, who had been sent to watch Rodney's back while he got what they needed from the Wraith computers. "You set the C-4?" John asked.

Ronon nodded. "He's nearly finished."

"Rodney, get a move on." John called into the room behind Ronon.


Sam turned toward the sound, shaking his head as he took a step away. Dean's hand was on his arm, but he felt strangely distant as something….someone else pulled on his attention.

"Sam?" Dean was concerned and Sam wanted to reassure him, but someone was coming. He felt it…him…

"Sammy, you know what I want."

He took another step as a shadow moved into view down the hallway. "Come to me, Sam."

There was an odd sensation and everything tilted. The odd pull on his thoughts cracked and suddenly he was on his knees aboard the Daedalus, his nose bleeding. John and Dean were at his side instantly, pulling him up and holding him between them as they made for the infirmary.

He couldn't contain the fear rolling through him and he knew the others could feel it, but he said nothing until one of the nurses got his nose to stop bleeding and had cleaned up his face. When she left them alone to await the doctor, Sam swallowed and looked up at his brother and John.

"It was him."

"You don't know that." Dean said, crossing his arms and looking away.

"I do know that. I could…feel him." Sam said, pushing down the panic that came with knowing that Meg had somehow succeeded in bringing the Yellow Eyed Demon to the Pegasus Galaxy.

"Well, by now he's space dust then." John said, unconsciously mimicking Dean's stance , then shifting as he realized it.

Sam shook his head lightly. "No, he'll get off the ship somehow." He knew it was true, despite the fact that their well placed explosives would completely cripple the ship, even if the secondary explosions they were meant to trigger didn't explode the whole thing.

"Are you sure it was him?" John asked.

Sam nodded and John echoed the nod. "Okay, I'm going up to the bridge to make sure we took out the Hive ship and start scanning the area for a dart or other way he could have escaped. You stay here until the doc clears you."

He laid back against the pillows on the bed, his head replaying the dreams he'd been having nearly every night since they had found that sigil in that burned out village…endless images of Dean and John dying, sticky heat of their blood on his face, the taste of power and blood on his tongue.

"Stop." Dean said softly. "I keep telling you he can't have you."

"I know." Sam replied, not looking at him. "I know you keep saying it. Doesn't make it true though." He swallowed. "I've seen it Dean. I've seen you dying and I've seen me giving in, letting him change me."

"He's using your dreams to scare you, Sam, to drive you. You can't let him."

Sam sighed. "Easy for you to say."

Dean sat beside him on the bed. "I know. Tell me what else I can do."

Sam licked his lips in took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Every dream and vision is showing me a little more." He took his brother's hand and held it. "I need you to trust me, even when it looks like I'm about to do something…" He looked up at his brother. "Just trust that you're right, that I won't go darkside. Believe in that for me, okay?"

Dean nodded slowly. He pulled his hand free as the doctor approached, her stethoscope in hand. Sam submitted without complaint to her exam and even to the suggestion that he see Carson for yet another scan when they got back to Atlantis. It was easier than insisting he was all right.

John Sheppard was tired. For nearly a month they had been searching for the demon Meg and whatever or whoever she had managed to bring through that sigil. It had been a month in which they had all sustained injuries, a month of false alarms and near misses, and he was tired.

And if he was tired, he knew the boys had to be too. There wasn't a mission that didn't end with Sam bleeding from the nose after some vision or something. The exhaustion was starting to show. Tempers were thin and they spent far more time arguing than they did engaging in entertaining each other.

He'd pulled them from rotation and ordered the entire team some down time as soon as the Daedalus had brought them home. He was just dropping his mission reports off with Elizabeth, and then he planned to get a long night's sleep in.

"Ah, Colonel Sheppard, I was going to have Elizabeth call you." Carson said as they both reached the stairs in the gate room at the same time.

"Something wrong?"

"I'm not sure, actually." Carson said. "It's about Sam."

"Shouldn't he be here for this conversation?" John asked as Elizabeth waved them in.

"Aye, probably, but I've given him something to make him sleep."

"And Dean?" Not that he needed Carson to know that Dean was worried, but not apparently with Sam.

"Last I saw of him, he was headed to the gym with Ronon."

"Gentlemen?" Elizabeth looked at them each in turn before they all sat. John put his tablet on her desk and they both looked expectantly at Carson. "How's our boy?"

"He's sleeping now. He should be feeling better by morning." Carson said. "However, I have been noticing something peculiar in his scans. There's an increase in his brain activity, even while heavily sedated. "

"What kind of increase?" John asked.

"And is it dangerous?" Elizabeth added.

"There's no way to know for certain, I'm afraid. At least not yet. I've run a few tests, and so far we've ruled out any tumors or other abnormalities. The area of the brain that seems to be the most active is also the area of the brain affected by the technology that binds those two boys to Colonel Sheppard."

"Which explains why we've been in each other's heads more than before." John said. "Ever since that trip back to earth, Sam's control has gotten stronger, but lately, Dean and I have been…catching up to him? I'm not sure how to explain it. But it's safe to say that these….things were never meant to work like this."

"I want your team on stand down until Carson clears this up." Elizabeth said.

John nodded. "Already down. We're exhausted anyway." He stood. "I'm going to go check on Sam."

He headed for the infirmary, not certain why, but feeling a sense of urgency. He nodded to one of the nurses, his eyes tracking around the room. Sam was the only patient there, and there was someone standing by Sam's bed, his back to John.

He crossed cautiously, though the man was in uniform, and as John got closer, he thought maybe it was one of the new rotation of crewmen that had come on the Daedalus. He stepped back and John could feel Sam stirring, some dream chasing him up into consciousness, though it was fuzzy and heavy with the sedative.

"Excuse me."

The lieutenant turned to John and snapped to attention before hiding his hand behind his back. "Sorry, sir. I heard someone say that his name was Sam Winchester. I went to Stanford with a Sam Winchester. I just…I wanted to see if it was the same guy."


The young man smiled and shook his head. "Nope, not him. Shame. He still owes me twenty bucks."

"He needs his rest, you get on out of here."

"Yes sir." He saluted again and left quickly.

John sidled up to the bed as Sam's eyes opened. "Hey, you should be asleep."

Sam's face scrunched up and John could feel his confusion and an echo of the nightmare. "Dream." Sam mumbled, and John thought his teeth looked a little bloody.

"Want me to stay?" John asked, sliding a hand over Sam's.

His eyes were already closing, but he sort of nodded as John hitched a hip up to sit beside him. Somehow he knew he'd stopped something terrible from happening, he just wasn't sure what, and for the foreseeable future, John wasn't willing to leave Sam alone.

Sam finished a run around the city out on the pier, pausing to swallow down some water and look out over the ocean. It had been a quiet couple of days, despite the constant company. He could hear John in his head, bitching that Sam wasn't where he'd left him and he turned. "I know, I--"

He was alone on the pier. Sam frowned and reached out for John mentally, sending reassurance, and opening up further when he felt Dean too. They were both anxious and clearly hadn't told him all the reasons why. He pushed a little, but only got vague ideas of trouble and echoes of his own nightmares.

Sam sighed and set into a jog, headed back to his room, and letting John and Dean both know that was where he'd be. He let himself in and headed in to shower. He felt them coming, felt them all but inside him and it was disconcerting for a moment as things blurred and blended before they all separated into individual beings again.

They were waiting for him when he came out of the shower, towel slung low across his hips. "Told you I was fine."

"And I told you to stay where I left you." John said, his voice dark with concern.

"You're being paranoid." Sam replied, scrubbing at his hair with another towel. "There hasn't been a headache or a vision or a nose bleed in days. I'm sleeping better than I have in forever. Whatever it is Carson gave me is working."

There was a deep unease in John that wasn't settling though. Sam could feel it, almost as if it were his own. Sam swallowed and stepped closer, kissing him lightly. "I'm fine."

"You're still having nightmares." Dean said, crossing his arms.

"I've always had nightmares, Dean."

"Not like these."

Sam sighed and sat on the end of his bed. "No, not like these. These are….bloody and powerful and I wake up feeling like I could tear through the walls with my bare hands." He pulled his hands through his hair and looked up at his brother. "I'm handling it."

"Yeah, well, we aren't." John said, sitting beside him.

Sam caught an echo of the dream that had pulled him up out of the dark in the early hours, before the sun had even started to come up, coming from both of them. "Shit. I'm sorry. I didn't know…"

"We're not blaming you." Dean said. "Just trying to figure out what's going on."

Sam had been pondering that on his run. "This is going to sound crazy." He got up again, pacing away, and half way back again before stopping and licking his lips. "It almost feels like…" He shook his head. "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but in the dream, just before I wake up, it feels just like it did when Meg was torturing me."

John frowned. "What, like when she was pumping life back into you?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah, exactly like."

"How is that possible?" Dean asked, eyeing John. "Could one of those things get in here without us knowing?"

John shook his head. "No. The city's sensors would pick it up."

"What then?"

John sighed and bit his lip. "By my figuring, you only have them when you sleep alone."

"The ones like that, yeah." Sam agreed. "Which is why you've been keeping me so close."

"Actually, I've been worried that the Daedalus brought us more friends from earth to play with, but they're gone now."

"Doesn't mean a demon didn't hitch a ride and jump ships once it got here." Dean observed.

"I'm wondering now if whoever that is has been doing something to Sam on the nights we're not here." John said.

"That's creepy." Sam said with a shiver. "Like what?"

"I don't know, but we're going to find out. Get dressed and meet me in McKay's lab."

"This is weird." Dean said, shaking his head and getting up to pace around his room. It was nearly two thirty in the morning and he and John were taking turns watching the bank of monitors feeding them live video of Sam's room, the hallway outside and the balcony off Sam's room from different angles.

"So you've said." John answered, his voice tired. Dean moved to stand beside him, settling his hands to John's shoulders to rub at the tense muscles.

"I mean, the cameras." Dean clarified as he felt John relax a little under his fingers. "I'm usually right there."

"Can't catch whoever or whatever is doing this if you're in there." John responded, looking up at him.

"We should have put a devil's trap above the door." Dean muttered.

"Sheppard, there's movement in the hallway." Ronon's voice came softly over the earpieces.

"Roger that. Stay sharp."

Dean and John both turned to the screens showing the hallway. A shadow passed the first camera, but it wasn't until the third that they saw the person casting that shadow. It was a lab tech that Dean had seen around, but couldn't remember the guy's name. He moved quickly and quietly to Sam's door.

Ronon moved just as quietly behind him, his gun in his hand. Dean and John watched the screen until the door closed, then darted for the door. Dean squatted outside the door to draw the devil's trap quickly, so the bastard couldn't get out of the room.

When he was done, he nodded and Ronon swiped his hand over the door lock, charging in immediately, with Dean and John on his heels. Sam's dream was ratcheting up, spilling over into Dean's head. There was memory mixed with fears and blood, echoes of visions, tragedies they couldn't prevent.

"Stop." John said, his gun leveled at the man who was standing at Sam's bedside.

He lifted his hands and Dean frowned. The fingers of the man's left hand were bleeding, and in his right was a needle. "I'm not finished yet, Dean." The man turned to face him.

"Step away from my brother." Dean growled, his own gun up now as he stepped closer.

"I'm just giving him his medicine. Isn't that right, Sammy?"

Sam was fighting his way out of the dream, shaking his head as he sat up. "Dean?" Groggy gave way to disgust and Sam wiped his face, sticking out his tongue and wiping that on the back of his hand too. "What the hell did he do?"

There was blood smearing the back of Sam's hand, and it was on his lips now too. Dean took a threatening step toward the intruder. "What did you do?"

"Relax, it's just a little blood. Gets him juiced up. Can you feel it, Sam? Don't you want more?"

Sam climbed out of the bed and took the syringe from him, crossing to Dean's side. "And this?"

The man smiled. "Oh, now, that's just special. Straight from Daddy, that is. You think the blood gets you going? That right there is better than an entire body full of demon blood, Sammy. Jack you up until you think you could fly."

Sam was shaking beside him and Dean couldn't begin to keep up with the thoughts and feelings running through him. Sam moved to the nightstand and pulled the Colt out, checking the load and stepping in close.

"Sam, don't." Dean warned. "There's an innocent person in there."

"If we let it get out, it will just come back as someone else." Sam said, the barrel of the gun against the man's ear.

"If we kill this man just to kill the demon…" Dean shook his head. "We exorcise him."

"He hasn't been in your head, Dean. You only get the echoes. " Sam looked at John and Ronon, then back at Dean. "Besides, where would the demon go if we exorcised it here?"

"I don't know, but killing the innocent isn't our way."

Dean reached for him mentally, attempting to use the connection between them to convince Sam he was right. Sam's lowered the gun, but he was still shaking.

"Sheppard." Ronon's voice pulled Dean's attention to the nightstand behind Sam. The stuff on it was levitating.

"That's it, Sammy, let it out." The intruder was grinning.

Sam's mind was white, not blanked out, but Dean couldn't read anything beyond fury, white hot and ready to explode. The floating glass shattered and their father's journal flew across the room. "Sam?"

"Come on, Sammy, you can do better than that."

Sam screamed and Dean could feel the power that shot out around them. Somewhere behind him glass was breaking, as his knees buckled and Sam's fury dumped into him, hot and filling up all the space inside him until he was sure he was going to explode.

Then everything went silent and after a few minutes he could lift his head. His nose was bleeding and his head was wringing. A quick glance told him that John was in a similar condition. Both Sam and the lab tech were unconscious. The only one still standing was Ronon, who holstered his gun before he reached to help John get up.

Dean crawled until he could reach Sam, reaching to make sure he was okay. "You shoot him?" he asked Ronon as the big man helped him to his feet.

"Seemed logical. Shot 'em both."

Dean frowned and looked down at the lab tech. "Anything come out of him?"

Ronon shook his head. "Nope. Took two shots to put him down though."

Dean nodded. "Okay, we need to get him into a cell, with a devil's trap to keep the demon from smoking out."

"What about Sam?" John asked, squatting beside him.

"Infirmary?" Ronon asked and Dean nodded. At least that way he'd be safe.

"So, how exactly do you torture a demon?" John asked as Dean joined him at the table in the mess hall.

"Holy water mostly." Dean said before taking a bite out of his sandwich. "How's Sam?"

"Like you don't know as well as I do?" John asked, rubbing his forehead.

Dean sort of shrugged. "Trying not to…I don't know….just, it feels weird, okay?"

"Well, apparently Carson thinks that whatever that demon was doing has been expanding the neural pathways that were formed when we got the…technology."

"So…what does that mean?"

John sighed. "We're not sure. But it seems to be making him more receptive. And on top of that, he's clearly transmitting more than before, if my nightmares are any indication. And there's the whole floating and breaking thing."

"I hear that." Dean dropped his sandwich and met John's eye. "When it comes down to it, if I'm not actively blocking him, I sometimes can't tell if what I'm feeling is me or him."

John nodded. "What about our guest? He say anything?"

Dean shook his head. "Just your average demon grandstanding. His father will kill us all. We are no match for what is coming. Yadda yadda."

"Any idea what that is?" John asked. "The what is coming part?"

"The end of the world or some such. This Yellow Eyed demon, he's been planning something for a very long time. Not so sure how we got wrapped up in it, but we are now, so it's up to us to end this."

"I thought we killed him when we blew up that hive."

"Apparently not." Dean finished his sandwich and washed it down with a bottle of water. "At least not as far as this guy knows. He only knows he was sent here to get Sam ready."

"Ready for what?" John asked.

"Hell if I know. Did we find out what was in the syringe?"

John grimaced as he stood. "Yeah, it was Wraith enzyme. It's the stuff they pump into you while they're feeding, or when they're giving you back the life they took from you."

"Probably from the Daddy Demon himself." Dean said. John didn't need extra senses and technology to taste Dean's disgust. "I should get back. Maybe I can get a location out of him."

"And then what?" John asked, walking with Dean toward the door.

"I don't know. Exorcise him? If I knew it would send the demon back to hell…but, I don't. Not from here."

"Maybe we take him back to earth and do it there?" John suggested. "I can ask Elizabeth."

Dean nodded. "Yeah, good idea. If we knock him out and get him secure on the ship, then again when they get to earth…I could get someone to come do the exorcism."

"Let's focus a little closer to home right now. " John said as they reached the corridor that led down to the detention cells. "You see what information you can get. I'm going to check in with Carson."

Ronon was sitting with Sam when John got to the infirmary and he paused by the bed. "How you feeling?"

Sam rubbed at his head and his face scrunched up. "Headache, but otherwise, I'm fine."

"You gave us a good scare. I'm not gonna lie."

"Yeah, about that…" Sam shook his head. "I'm sorry. I don't…I have no idea…"

"Aye, but I'm starting to." Carson said as he joined them, pulling a computer monitor closer. "I've been going over Sam's scans, from the first time he came in through today." The monitor showed the image of a brain, slowly changing. "At first, I might have assumed that it was the collar causing this, but given what we know now from the blood sample we took from our guest, I'm certain that it has been serving as a catalyst. That, and the enzyme."

"So, he's been feeding me blood and injecting that stuff into me all along?" Sam asked, his eyes skipping from the screen to Carson, then John.

"Well, it's hard to tell for certain." Carson said, stopping the monitor and pointing. "This is the first big jump, before this it was all minor changes. Here though, you can see this whole section of your brain light up with activity. It also corresponds to the Daedalus arriving."

Ronon shook his head. "It wasn't Daedalus crew. There's no way they would have access to Wraith enzyme."

"True." John considered the other options. "Wait, didn't they pick up a stranded team on their way in?"

Ronon nodded. "Lt. Thomas and his team, stranded in space above Delfier with no idea how or why."

"Want to bet the Wraith hit Delfier right after that?" Sam asked, moving to get out of bed.

"Whoa, where do you think you're going?" John asked. There was a blast of frustration and exasperation and a flailing desire to do more coming from Sam, even as Ronon caught his shoulder.

"To talk to Thomas and his team. I'm tired of sitting here."

"No, Ronon and I can deal with them and we'll send a team to Delfier as well. You are staying here until Carson says otherwise."

Sam pushed Ronon back and stood. "There is nothing wrong with me. I'm fine. In fact, I'm better than fine. I feel great." Sam turned to face him and dropped all attempts to block himself from John, letting John feel the truth of his words. He was healthy, strong even.

"There's still the matter of you breaking glass with your mind." John said.

Sam wasn't letting up. "I've got it under control." He took the two steps toward John, crossing his arms. "I'm tired of waiting for them to do whatever it is they're going to do. It's time to take this fight to them."

"We don't have enough information." John countered. "Dean is trying to get us a location."

"Let me do it." Sam said. "I'll get it to talk."


"I have an idea. I can't…explain exactly, just give me a chance."

"You brother won't like it." John warned.

Sam headed for the door. "No, he won't."

John and Ronon followed him down from the infirmary to the detention cells. Dean looked up as they came in, opening the door to the cell that held their prisoner. "Sam, what the hell-"

Sam pushed past him, into the cell, just shy of the devils' trap painted on the floor under the lab tech playing host to a demon. "Tell us where he is." Sam's voice was deep and dark and it made the demon laugh.

"There you are Sammy, come for more medicine?"

Sam reached out a hand and John felt a pull on his stomach, as if that hand were tied to his intestines. Sam's eyes closed and his hand slowly fisted, and the demon stopped laughing. He seemed to be choking.

"Sam?" Dean grabbed his brother's arm and the pull seemed to vanish.

Sam ignored his brother, still intent on the demon. "Tell me where he is."

The lab tech was gasping and gulping at air. His eyes were black. "You learn fast. I only put that part in your head last night."

"Tell us where he is." Sam repeated, pulling his arm free from Dean and grabbing at the air again. The demon sputtered something they couldn't understand and Sam released him. "Say it again."

"The symbols are in this meat suit's room," he gasped.

"Good." Sam reached out again and squeezed until the man was coughing up smoke.

"Sam?" Dean's voice was filled with fear, and it came over the connection between them very clearly. "What are you doing?"

But Sam was fading and his nose was bleeding. Dean grabbed his arm and John stepped closer, grabbing his shoulder, just as Sam lost his grip and stumbled backward. He collapsed, taking Dean and John with him.

"Oh you're not ready for that, yet Sammy boy. Maybe if you had let me finish giving him his medicine--" Ronon shot twice through the door of the cell and the lab tech slumped forward.

John's head was pounding, no…it was Sam's head, but for a moment he wasn't sure, then Ronon was pulling him out from under Sam and Dean was squatting over Sam who was unresponsive, even if the activity in his head was on fast forward. "You getting any of it?" John asked and Dean shook his head.

"It's a mess. Let's get him up and back to the infirmary."

That at least got through to Sam and he lurched upright, grabbing at the bars of the cell to keep from falling over. "No more infirmary. Just…Just need sleep."


"No, Dean. I'm…okay…"

"Bullshit." Dean grabbed him and pulled him closer. "If you promise to take the pills. And sleep."

Sam nodded, and reached for John to support him on the other side. Together they walked him to his room, with Ronon bringing up the rear. John waited while Dean cleaned Sam's face up and gave him one of the sleeping pills Carson had given him, making sure he'd swallowed it before he was satisfied.

"Find the symbols." Sam muttered. "Time to stop this."

"You worry about sleeping, let me worry about the symbols." John said, pulling Dean and Ronon out into the hallway. "Are we sure he's safe here alone?"

"I'll stay." Ronon offered.

"Dean and I will go find this guy's quarters and see if we can find the gate address." John agreed. And then he was going to need to explain all of this to Elizabeth, somehow.
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