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Fandom: Supernatural, (Broken!Verse)
Title: My Poor Baby
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Caleb, OMC (Robert)
Rating: NC-17 (no sex, just the implication, but thematically it's very adult)
Word Count: 893
Summary: For [ profile] unrequited666, takes place during Surviving. Sam is close to breaking, and his trainer knows just what will push him over the edge.

A/Ns & Warnings: Over here I did the time stamp meme. [ profile] unrequited666 asked for "The scene right before Robert visits Sam to tell him to give in to the training"> from Robert's POV. Warnings: This is Sam after being beaten and repeatedly raped. He is breaking. Nothing explicit, but not pleasant...unless you're Robert, I guess.

"You really are sorry looking, Slave. How much more of this can you take?” Thomas walked over to where Sam knelt. “Do you know you can make it end? All you have to do is ask.” Thomas was good at his job. Robert had seen it more than once.

Thomas knew when they were ready to break, when the physical punishment had taken its toll on the body and the mind. He understood how to push the mind. He knew the slaves in his charge, knew which words would eat at their resolve, which physical torment would trigger their minds into the break necessary.

“All you have to do is present yourself to your master and ask him to serve. He will look after you, get your wounds treated, and no one else would be allowed to touch you.”

Robert watched the monitor, watched the emotions flitting over Sam’s face. Dean was supposed to look after him, but Sam knew now that Dean would never do that again. Sam was learning only his Master could keep him safe, could control what happened to his body, who touched him, fucked him.

Thomas paced away to the door and the lights went out, his voice laying over the darkness. “It’s in your hands slave. Only you can make this end.”

He could just make Sam out in the dark. He slowly slumped over, whimpering as his bruised hip made contact with the cold floor of the cage. He was filthy, broken…beautiful. Robert’s heart ached with knowing that soon Sam would be his. Forever.

The door behind him opened and Thomas came into the small room, crossing to the monitor and folding his arms. “Give him about a half hour to stew in it. Then go do your thing.”

Robert nodded, watching Sam. “My poor baby.” His finger traced over the line of Sam’s side. He was supposed to be tender, gentle, loving. Thomas believed it would be all that Sam needed to let go of the fight.

Thomas left then and he was alone. He knew exactly what he wanted. He had his place ready for it, for Sam. He would take care of him, love him. And in return Sam serve him. He’d never be lonely again.

The whimpering had stopped, and Robert almost wondered if Sam had fallen asleep finally. Robert took a deep breath and headed for the cage. He opened the door softly, his eyes skipping to Caleb chained up in the corner. He’d almost forgotten he was there.

He crossed to Sam and squatted near him. “My poor baby,” he whispered. His hands ghosted down over Sam’s arm, down to the round curve of his ass. “I wish there were some other way.”

Robert wanted to touch him, hold him, but he knew that in his condition it would only cause him pain. His job was comfort, not anguish. “I want to help you. I want to take care of you.” His hands stroked over Sam’s chest, up to his face, not really touching. “Why are you fighting so hard? Don’t you want it to be over?”

Robert put his hands under Sam’s shoulders and moved him until he was sitting against the bars. Sam’s eyes rolled until the focused on Robert’s face.

“Please.” Sam whispered, his eyes meeting Robert’s, filled with need, with love. ”Please Robert…”

Robert’s smile was soft, his finger scarcely tracing a bruise on Sam’s cheek. “Just let go, baby. It can all be over. I promise I’ll be so good to you. I promise you’ll be safe and loved.” Robert poured as much of his love and desire into his voice. He had to make Sam see that it was the best thing for him.

“No more guilt, no more decisions…just let go.”

Sam’s eyes closed. His mouth was slack, his lips dry. Robert leaned in, licked at them, licked inside them, pressed his lips to Sam’s. Lust burned through him, brought his cock up hard. He’d kissed Sam once before. So long ago. He wanted more…so much more. But not like this, not while he was hurting and covered in the come of other men.

“I love you so much. I can’t stand watching them hurt you. Make it stop, baby. You know how. Just tell him you want to be good. Tell him you want to serve him. You want to learn to be a good slave for your master.”

Robert glanced at Caleb, then at the cage door. “You’re running out of time. They’re coming back. How much more can you take? You don’t need to…you can make it stop.”

“Please.” Sam whispered again. “Can’t…no more.”

Robert’s smile was hopeful as he cupped Sam’s face. “That’s my boy.” His kiss was tender. “I’ll be waiting for you…when your instruction is done. I’ll be there, ready to take you home and make you mine forever. You’ll never have to worry again…no hunting, no danger. I’ll be your master and I will love you.” There were tears in Robert’s eyes. Sam lifted one hand to touch Robert’s cheek lovingly.

“Rest now, baby. They’ll be here soon to take you to him. Be my good boy.” He touched Sam’s face one last time, then stood and left the cage. Sam loved him and soon he would show Sam just how much he loved him too.
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