Jul. 2nd, 2015

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Fandom: Stargate SG1
Title: the path of purity
Characters/Pairings: Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter
Word Count: 6385
Rating: NC17
Summary: Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell are waiting in a borrowed cargo ship to rendezvous with Sam and the Daedalus when suddenly they find themselves prisoners of a religious sect that believes that the path of purity lies in keeping their body pure, but allows them to experience things forbidden to their body through a neural link with slaves that are forced to perform for their captors. They waste little time in letting Cameron and Daniel know exactly what is expected of them.

A/Ns & Warnings: This fic includes non-con, in which both participants are unable to give consent due to implants that force them to do as their captors please. There is also remembered non-con from the distant past and being forced to relive that event. Also Aliens Made Them Do it, Alien Technology, etc...

Daniel knew without opening his eyes that something had gone spectacularly wrong. )
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