Aug. 13th, 2030

phantisma: (Gibbs eyebrow)
Greetings and thank you for visiting my journal.

As of now all RPS content is being placed behind friends lock.

This is due to cruel, gutless people being cruel and gutless. To be clear, someone with no ties to fandom in their journal, tried to expose my writing to people I was writing about and people who I am friends with who are friends of those people.

My policy on fanfic is that this is all for fun, that no slight, defamation or character commentary is implied and that anyone who doesn't like it has a back button they can use to escape.

I am offering an amnesty of sorts for the moment here on Dreamwidth. I've imported all friends from LJ and will friend anyone here who asks for the near future.

As always, everything else exists outside of friends lock, so feel free to read and respond if you want to give me a chance to get to know you.

All of my fic worth bothering with is now archived on AO3 under the same username, phantisma. The RPS is there, though it is locked down there as visible only to members.

Thank you for understanding.
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