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Fandom: Supernatural, Broken!Verse (All of Broken is Here)
Title: Destinations, Part 3
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean, John, Pastor Jim, Caleb, Gabe (OMC)
Rating: NC-17, for ongoing themes and sex
Word Count: 4400
Summary: Caleb and Dean go after John, who has discovered that he is in a very bad situation indeed. Sam takes on the YED to save Gabe...and works at controlling the changes happening to him.

A/Ns & Warnings: No sex, alas...but violence and demonic animal possession.

The town of Marion didn’t resemble much of a town. It was nearly noon when they drove through it, headed toward the place where Gabe and Caleb had found Ash and Andrew.

“Why doesn’t he answer his fucking phone?” Dean growled as he hung up yet again. He knew why, of course. His father was somewhere that he couldn’t answer…either hunting or worse. He was being John Winchester.

“Fuck.” He had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach that only got worse when they found the Impala parked just off the dirt road in a small grove of trees. His father’s cell phone was on the seat and he was no where to be seen. “Fuck.”

“You said that already.” Caleb said dryly. “I don’t think it’s helping.”

Dean gritted his teeth and didn’t respond. He scanned the trees and tried to figure out where his father would have gone first. “He probably tried to get close enough to get the lay of the land.”

Caleb nodded. “There isn’t much cover past here. There’s a small stand of trees between here and the house. You think he headed there?”

Dean checked his gun and tucked it into his waistband. “Only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

“You sure you want to go in there? Maybe we should call Pastor Jim. Let them know what we found?”

Dean nodded. “Yeah. Yeah. And Bobby. We should see if Bobby made it back to the Roadhouse. Backup isn’t a bad idea.” He pulled out his phone and dialed Sam. It was Gabe who answered the phone thought. “Gabe?”

“Hey Dean. Sam’s…asleep.”

Dean didn’t like the hesitation. “Is he okay?”

“Yeah, fine. Just…needed to rest. Did you find John?”

“Not really. Found the car. He’s not here.” Dean watched Caleb walk a short distance away with his phone, presumably calling Bobby. “We think he went on the property to get a look.”

“Dean, don’t go in there.” Gabe said. “I’ve been able to snoop around Ash’s network. You and Caleb…they’ll rip you to shreds. He’s got his monsters prowling the perimeters. They’re not like anything you’ve ever come across.”

Dean made a face. “My father’s in there Gabe. I’m not going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs.”

“Just…give me time. I’m working on how to handle them. Just don’t go in there.”

Dean licked his lips. “I’m not going to make a promise, Gabe…but we’re trying to reach Bobby and a few others for back up. Whatever it is you’re going to do, do it fast.”

John was aware that he was in danger. He was being dragged. His body hurt. Sluggishly, he remembered falling out of the tree. He opened his eyes and regretted it as the flying brush made him dizzy.

He had a concussion, that much he was sure of. The one ankle felt like it might be broken. He didn’t know where he was being dragged or why. It had been enough time that he knew he wasn’t being taken to the house. They would have been there by now. Suddenly the forward motion stopped and he was dropped.

John rolled, trying to get a look around him. “Mine.” The creature crouched next to him, tilting its head as if trying to figure him out. It had been human once. He could see that. Its face was painted or tattooed green, its hair long and matted with leaves and mud. It was…dressed…in muddy fur and draped cloth.

It poked at him with a long finger, then rolled on the ground, coming up beating on its chest. “Mine!” it bellowed, its face tilted up to the sky. There were answering shouts and screams…some human-like, others…not.

John swallowed and tried to figure out where he was. It was a dirty little glen made of trees and branches, dingy and dark. Other things were moving now, coming close. He drew his legs in, pulled out the gun in his boot, going slow.

“They’ve been trained to kill on the sight of a gun, so I’d put it down if I were you,” a voice said nearby. John whipped his head around. There was a man behind him, coming toward him. The creatures cowered away from him or rushed toward him, the entire area quivering with movement.

“Mine.” The thing wrapped its hand in John’s hair and pulled him up. “Good. Mine.”

“Yes, Jester. Good. Very good.”

The man stopped in front of him, then squatted down as if examining some sort of animal. “Once we get you healed up, you’ll make a fine addition to the zoo.”

“He’s sedated for now.” Jim checked the door to his study again, making sure Gabe was still off running the errands he’d sent him on. “It isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen, Jacob. The boy has no idea.”

He paced back to his desk and opened the file folder, flipping to the back. “No, I told you. Never.”

He had waited too long. Grown too fond. All the signs had pointed to Sam being one of them, even before he was born. His predecessor had watched and recorded the signs. The attack that killed Mary seemed to solidify it. But Sam had never shown any of the symptoms.

Jim sighed and listened as Jacob talked about convening the council and assessing the situation. “I’m not going to be able to contain him while you sit around in committee and discuss it.” He sighed again. “Do what you have to, but his family is in danger and he’s been traumatized. He isn’t going to be rational about it. How can he be?”

John was going to hate him. Kill him even. Jim closed his eyes and shook his head. “Jacob, I have a damn fucking third level demon camped out on my fucking front porch. I can’t move him…even if I could keep him sedated.” He heard Gabe and sighed again. “I have to go. Tell Francis I’ll do what I can.”

There was a knock on the door as he hung up the phone. Gabe’s blond head peeked in. “I brought lunch.”

Jim nodded. I’ll go see if Sam’s up to eating.”

“Dad.” Sam sat up in the dark, surprised to find himself still on the altar. He couldn’t make the dream clear…it was cloudy and dark and his father was hurt…he squeezed his eyes shut and tried to concentrate on it, but there was something in his way.

Drugs. Pastor Jim had sedated him with something.

He shook his head, trying to clear it. Whatever it was, it was heavy. Too bad it didn’t do anything to alleviate the pain in his head. He moved to put his feet on the floor. It was cold, his feet bare. He vaguely remembered taking his shoes off…could just see them outside the marked circle.

The door opened and Jim came in. “Feeling better?”

Sam cleared his throat. “I’m not sure. You gave me something?”

“I was worried you were going to hurt yourself…or one of us.”

Sam rubbed at his temples. “Did I do that?” He pointed at the pile of ruined chairs.

Jim nodded. “I’m afraid I owe you an apology, Sam.”

Sam frowned at him. “I’m the one wrecking your furniture and your windows…putting you in danger. I should be apologizing.”

Jim looked nervous, licked his lips and stepped up to the edge of the circle. “No. I should have known. Should have felt it. I didn’t. I was too busy worrying about your father and your brother. I wasn’t paying enough attention to you.”

Sam shook his head and stood. “You did what we asked you to do. Not your fault I’m some sort of freak.”

Jim hung his head and Sam got a sense that there was a whole lot more to what the older man wanted to say. “You’re not a freak Sam. You’re not even alone. I know it must be overwhelming…I know it must be confusing. I’m here to help though. I want to help you handle this, okay?”

Sam squinted at him. “You’re starting to freak me out just a little.”

Jim smiled and held up both hands. “I don’t mean to, I assure you.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Gabe brought some lunch…a little late, but I figured you probably need to eat.”

Sam nodded. “I am hungry.” He went to step out of the circle and Jim stopped him.

“I think you might just be better there. Gabe’s bringing the food down.”

That was enough to bring Sam up short. “Why?”

Jim didn’t meet his eyes, looked instead at the pattern in the tile. “That demon is still outside…and he’s not alone. The church itself won’t keep him out long.”

Sam put his hands on his hips. “What are you saying?”

Jim touched his shoulder, stepped forward so Sam had to step back. “You need to stay calm. We don’t need another incident like before.”

“Before?” Sam’s eyes flicked to the chairs and he nodded. “Right.”

“You’re vulnerable right now, Sam.”

“Vulnerable?” He looked around the room. He didn’t feel vulnerable…other than the remnants of the drug in his system. He felt stronger than he’d felt in a long time.

“I don’t know that I can explain everything.” Jim said. “There are secrets I’m sworn to keep.” The door opened again and Gabe came in, carrying take out.

Sam met his eyes and he knew something wasn’t right. “My father’s in trouble.” He had a vague memory…a bit of a dream.

Jim’s hand was on his arm, hot, confining. “You don’t know that.”

“I can see it in Gabe’s eyes. He’s talked to Dean.”

“Sam, calm down.”

“Stop telling me to calm down.” Sam pulled free and stumbled back against the altar. “Fuck!” His stomach roiled with hunger and fear and anger. He pressed his hands against the cold stone.

“Don’t listen to them, Sammy…get angry…feel it inside you.”

Sam’s head shot up, his eyes searching for the source of the voice. “Gabe!” It was behind him, coming fast. Sam moved, lunged, but Jim’s hand pulled him back before he could breach the circle.

Gabe’s face paled as it grabbed him, pulling him back. The take out containers splattered against the floor and Sam shoved at Jim, trying to get clear. “You can’t help him like that Sam.” Jim whispered at him. “It wants you…not Gabe.”

It smiled. “Of course I want Sammy…not this…whip of a child…although…” It licked up the side of Gabe’s face. “He tastes good…maybe I’ll give him to my children to play with.”

“You have no place here.” Jim said, drawing himself up.

“You have no place here,” it mimicked, tossing its head. “I have every place here, preacher. The boy belongs to me. I marked him.”

Jim actually smiled. “Oh? Funny, I find no mark on him.”

Its hand circled Gabe’s throat. “You scrubbed him, I’ll give you that. Doesn’t mean he isn’t mine.”

Sam looked at Gabe, then at the demon. The room stilled and he could feel the heartbeats of Pastor Jim and Gabe…there was no heartbeat in the body the demon was inhabiting. He stepped in front of Jim.

“You want me? Come and get me.”

It smiled, sickly and disgusting. “I am not nearly as stupid as I might look, Sammy. You come to me…and I’ll let the child go.”

Sam took a step forward and Jim pulled him back. “Let go of me.”

“Sam, I can’t let you sacrifice yourself.”

“I don’t plan on it.” Sam said. “Gabe, I want you to look at me, okay?” Sam toed the edge of the circle, he could feel the energy that protected the space ripple around him. “Look at me and don’t think about him. He’s nothing.”

“I don’t know what you think you’re playing at, Sammy. My patience—“

Sam’s eyes snapped up to meet the yellow ones of the demon. “My name is Sam. No one but Dean calls me Sammy.” He let the fury bubble this time, felt it boiling inside him. “Gabe, remember that science experiment?”

He had no idea if it would work, if he could control it. The anger was hot inside him. He brought up memories of finding Dean, of Robert…of hands and feet and dicks slamming into him. Jim let go of him, hissing as his skin produced heat. Sam stepped forward, his toes over the line, the rest of him pressed up against it.

“Don’t be foolish, Samuel. I can help you.”

Sam cracked his neck and stepped out of the circle. “Only my father calls me Samuel. Gabe!”

Gabe dove at the floor, surprising the demon holding him as Sam charged at them. Sam leaped over Gabe, reaching for the demon, who was suddenly gone. “In the circle,” he heard Jim yelling. Wood was flying around the space, scrapping Sam’s skin as it flew past him, then a chair leg slammed into his stomach, impaling him.

Sam stumbled backward, his eyes closed and tripped over Gabe back into Jim’s arms. “Is he gone?” Sam asked as Gabe pressed his hands over the wound, feeling his way around the wood.

“For now, Sam. For now.”

He was somewhere that looked like a medical clinic. Everything was gleaming and white. John was strapped to a table, face down. His ankle splinted, his busted gun hand wrapped in bandages. His head was swimming with the sedatives they’d pumped him full of. He squinted at the bright lights.

This was not good.

“Well, well, well. Look at what the cat dragged in.” John blinked. “Well, part cat anyway. Part monkey. He’s…an experiment.”


“John Winchester. Too bad Michael died before he could see this.”

Andrew moved closer, his white suit blending with the white walls so that to John’s drug addled mind it seemed his head was floating. “I am going to enjoy watching the demons fight to take you.”

“Over my dead body.”

Andrew smiled. “No…not dead…just…altered. Can you feel it yet?” His hand moved over the back of John’s neck, over stitches he hadn’t yet realized were there. “My boys…smart, talented.” He met John’s eyes. “Oh, more mine than Michael’s…always were. Michael couldn’t be bothered being a father. The idea is all Ash. The execution is Bill. The funding is all mine.”

Andrew backed away. “Don’t worry. Once we’re sure the technology has taken, you’ll be moved out to the barn. By the time your boys figure out you’re in trouble, you’ll be just another monster to be put down.”

“Where are you going?”

“Get in the car Dean.”

“No. I’m not leaving.”

Caleb sighed and put his hands on the roof of his car. “Bobby and Allen are on their way. We need to do some recon. There’s a place down the road where you can just make out the barn.”

“You said yourself that Dad is probably out there, in the trees.” Dean pointed vaguely.

“If he hasn’t already been caught. I told you these…things they’re making are incredibly good.”

Dean didn’t want to think about that. He remembered Andrew, never really had a large level of affection for the man. He wasn’t like other hunters. He was wealthy and cold and no one really knew the reasons that he hunted. He knew he was supposed to remember Ash, but all he had was a face and the sound of his laughter. It made his skin crawl.

“Okay, just a minute.” Dean opened the door of the Impala and snatched up his father’s cell phone. He pressed a bunch of buttons, and set it back where he’d found it. “In case he comes back. He’ll know I’m around.”

“It isn’t as bad as it looks, Sam.” Jim said.

“Hurts.” Sam mumbled, trying to sit up to see as Jim bandaged the hole in his stomach.

“I know. I can give you—“

Sam shook his head. “No more drugs.” He looked behind him where Gabe was sitting against the altar. “You okay?”

Gabe shook his head. “Would one of you tell me what’s going on? That was a demon right? How—why—how—“

Jim sighed and finished taping the bandages over Sam’s stomach. “This is my fault.”

Sam was starting to feel very frustrated with Pastor Jim and his taking blame without explanation. There wasn’t time. Not when his father and brother were out there in who knew what kind of trouble.

“Maybe, when this is over and everything, you can walk me through how this is your fault, okay Pastor Jim? Right now, I need to know how to deal with it…with me and with that fucking bastard that’s standing between me and my family.”

Jim’s face paled even further and he looked alarmed. “You can’t think you’re in any shape to—“

Sam held up a hand. “Right now I’m on a real low boil, don’t get me angry again. I’m hurt and I’m confused, but once I figure out what the hell is going on, I’m going after them.”

They were quiet for a few minutes. Then Sam raised a hand to his head, rubbing at his temples. “Now…these dreams…that aren’t dreams…can I control them?”

Jim sighed again. “I don’t know. My job was only to watch you and report any activity that indicated…well, like this. Normally it starts early, in puberty.”

“I’m a Winchester. We don’t do anything normally.” Sam said, a note of bitterness in his voice. “What would have happened if this happened then?”

Jim hung his head. “I’m probably already in a lot of trouble. You would have been approached by a member of the council, trained.”

Sam could see words Jim wasn’t saying. “They would have taken me away, and if I didn’t learn to control it…” He didn’t finish. He didn’t have to; Jim’s face was confirmation enough. They would have killed him.

“You’re dangerous. Especially with it all coming on you at once like this.” Jim offered.


Jim waved his hand at the broken furniture scattered around the room. Sam shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I need to figure out what I saw, so I can help Dean.” As he said his brother’s name, his body went cold. He was too late. Something had already happened.

“I need to talk to Dean. I need….Dad’s in trouble…serious…” Sam closed his eyes, shaking his head lightly side to side as he tried to force the image. “The barn…he’s…he’s in the barn…Andrew…demons…fuck…fuck…”

Jim’s hand burned on Sam’s skin. “Sam, tell me what you see.”

Sam’s eyes popped open and he stared at Jim for a second. “They’re going to turn him into one of those…things.” He scrambled to his feet, holding his stomach. “Have you figured out how he’s controlling them?” he asked Gabe.

“I only got a little glimpse before one of them was back on the network. I didn’t want to get caught.”


Gabe stood up slowly. “He’s…implanting microdevices…series of them. It lets them use a computer to transmit instructions. The more complex the series of devices, the more rational the creature, the more they control it.”

“Can you hack it?”

“Not from here. I’ll need more access, uninterrupted access.”

“Then you’re with me.”

“Once you step out of this circle, he’ll be at you again Sam.” Jim said, standing now too.

The image filled Sam’s mind, Dean dead, his stomach ripped open, laying across their father’s unmoving body. He hadn’t recognized before…hadn’t realized…”Andrew is turning my father into a monster…a monster that is going to kill Dean…and Dean is going to die killing Dad…and I’m sitting here waiting for a fucking demon or some fucking priests to battle over who gets to take me away.”

Racks of candles were quaking with his anger. Jim raised both hands in a gesture of surrender. “At least let me run interference.”

“Did you have something in mind?”

Jim nodded. “I should be able to get you out the door and past the gathered demonic party outside.”

Sam nodded. “We’ll need to get a car. Gabe, you go get your stuff. I’m going to need to borrow some weapons.”

“Your father took most of the easily portable guns.”

“I always preferred knives.” Sam’s eyes flicked around the room. “I’m going to need the stuff to do an exorcism…maybe more than one. Holy water, anointing oil…It’s going to be bad.”

He was moving. Walking. He was walking. Andrew was next to him. That was…something wasn’t right. Ash was ahead. He was walking toward Ash. John shook his head. His right hand was bandaged, but it didn’t hurt.

He remembered falling from a tree. Remembered he didn’t trust Andrew. But Andrew was his friend. Ash was holding something in his hands. The barn. Something about the barn.

“We’ve got more company.” Ash said as they got close enough.

“Anyone we know?”

Ash made a face. “I assume they’ve come for him.” He gestured at John with the controller in his hands. Suddenly it occurred to John that he was in trouble. “Fucker’s fighting.”

“He won’t fight as hard once we complete the process.”

“Bill wants to use the grizzly.”

“Bill always wants to use the grizzly.” John felt Andrew’s eyes. “In this case I think he’s right. It’s a good personality fit. Get him inside. I’ll see to the company.”

“Already sent Ryan and his cheetahs. Figured you’d want to be here.”

John watched the door open, felt the urge to move. He knew he didn’t want to go in there. He wanted to fight, to run. He wanted to hurt Andrew. Ash punched buttons on the contraption in his hands and John’s feet moved forward. “I haven’t had this much trouble since Gordon.” Ash mumbled as John moved past him.

The inside didn’t resemble a barn as much as it did a church. John marched into the center of the room, into a circle carved into the earth. He was in trouble. He couldn’t stop himself from stripping out of his torn and bloodied shirt and laying on the stone, arms and legs stretched out to shackles that two men came forward to secure.

“Bring in the grizzly.” Andrew said, standing off to John’s left. “Let’s make this quick. Now that it seems they know where we are, we can expect more to come our way.”

John looked up as a cage was rolled in and shivered as the bear inside it roared. Three men in black robes started chanting and John tried to pull himself free. He knew now what was going to happen. He knew they were calling out the spirit of the animal…trapping it…and soon…soon they would shove it inside him.

He shook and pulled, then there was pain, lancing through him from the back of his neck. He could hear Ash cussing. “He blew out two of the relays. How the fuck did he do that?”

“Is it safe to continue?”

“Yeah…yeah…I can replace them later.”

John saw the grey mist as it exited the bear…saw it hover in the circle, then felt the warm splash of blood over his naked chest. The bear’s blood…calling it’s spirit home. He held his breath and yanked at his restraints, fighting as the mist fell, blanketing him, searching him and when he could hold his breath no longer, sinking into him as he inhaled.

“Caleb?” Dean breathed the name, and Caleb turned his head slowly. “Not alone.” Dean mouthed. Caleb nodded, then pointed to his left. Dean pointed to his right. Okay. So there were two. Two what was anybody’s guess.
They were laying on their bellies in the tall grass, moving slowly toward the nearest structure. They froze and both moved so their guns were poking through the grass. Caleb’s hand closed around Dean’s wrist. “Together.”

Dean nodded and they inched backward. They’d agreed that at the first sign of trouble they would back out and wait for the others. He spared a glance behind him and stopped. One of them had gotten behind them.

There was an odd sound, like a big cat growling, but with some human sound mixed in. Dean saw it coming a split second too late and rolled them away, but not before a claw dragged over his arm. “Fuck.” He rolled them both directly into the path of the other one, but managed to get under it, making it over shoot.

“Run.” Caleb said as they scrambled to their feet…angling for the tree line. They were coming fast. Dean didn’t question, just took off at a run. Caleb reached the trees first, turning to fire a few shots at their pursuers. Dean dove past him, coming up panting his own gun blazing away as he emptied his clip into the nearest of them.

“Fuck. What the hell?” He’d hit it with at least six shots and it just kept coming. They were close enough now that he could see that they were human…at some point. Both were draped in animal skins…some big cat and they wore gloves made of the cat’s claws. Beyond them another one walked, human. A whip was wrapped around his body and there was some electronic device in his hand, like a remote for a sophisticated toy.

“Told you we should stay in the car.” Caleb said, scoping out the area. “Not much cover and these trees probably have more surprises. We need to get out of here.”

Dean panted, pointing in the direction toward the buildings. “If we’re already here, might as well.” They took off again. The closest cat-thing was limping now, not coming nearly as fast. The other one though. There was something familiar about it. Dean slid on the mossy ground and Caleb reached down to help him, his eyes tracking their pursuer in the half-light filtering through the trees.



Caleb shook his head. “I keep forgetting you don’t remember shit. Hunter. Owe him my life.”

“Looks like you’re a little late.” Dean quipped, getting his feet under him. The Gordon-cat-thing had stopped, its head cocked as it stared at them, sniffing the air.

“Caleb.” It said it with conviction.

Caleb nodded. There was confusion on its face. Dean pulled on Caleb’s arm. “I don’t think we want to wait here while it remembers it’s supposed to be killing us.”

“He’s in there.”

“Yeah, and so is a big angry cat.” Dean said, pulling harder. “We gotta go!”

Part Four
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