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Fandom: Supernatural, Broken!Verse (All of Broken is Here)
Title: Destinations, Part 4
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Dean, John, Pastor Jim, Caleb, Bobby, Gabe (OMC), Allen (OMC), Ash
Rating: NC-17, for ongoing themes and sex
Word Count: 3987
Summary: The forces gather and scatter and generally get into more trouble.

A/Ns & Warnings: No sex, alas...but violence and demonic animal possession.

Ash cursed as his monitor buzzed for his attention. “We lost one of the cheetahs,” he said without looking up.


He shook his head. “No the other one. Want to bet it’s one of his boys?”

Andrew shook his head. “Dean, not Sam.”

“Last time I saw Dean he didn’t know his own name.” Ash said, his eyes flicking to the scene on the floor in front of them. “I told my father the DVDs were a good idea. Give them something to waste their time…give me something to toy with the slaves. To bad I couldn’t snatch Jo on my way out. I’d like to have her waiting in my bedroom at night.”

“Sam was too injured. Your father too brutal. He’s in no condition to be out there.”

“I got twenty that says it’s him.”

“You’re on. Are we ready for the next phase?”

Ash looked down at John Winchester. He was still now, the animal spirit settling in. Any moment it would wake him. The three men who’d pulled the spirit from the body were carving the skin off the bones, in order to suit up their new monster. “Yeah, I’d say so. Decided what kinds of demon gets to play inside him?”

Andrew smiled at his nephew. “Oh, I think we’ll let a few of them decide for us.” He signaled a man in red robes and thirteen men took up places around the circle.

“Going all out for this, aren’t you?” Ash asked.

“How often do you get a specimen like John Winchester?” Andrew asked as the chanting started. “Only higher level demons will do.”

Sam raised his head as Jim re-entered the room. He could see his father clearly now, his body no longer his own. It was terrifying. “We’re almost ready.”

Sam nodded. He knew as soon as he stepped out of the protective circle he’d be under attack…and that the attack likely wouldn’t stop, even once he and Gabe got away. “You should come with us.”

Jim shook his head. “I’m in enough trouble as it is. I’ll wait here for my superiors to arrive and deal with them. I have to convince them that you aren’t a threat.”

“Aren’t I?”

He was unsure of himself, maybe more so than he’d been before. There was all the baggage, and this new…problem. “What good is it to see what is happening so far away? How am I supposed to stop it?”

“There are theories about that.” Jim said softly.

Sam shook his head. He didn’t want theories. He wanted answers. “Don’t tell me I’m not supposed to stop it.”

“There is an element in the council, currently in the minority, that believes that any interference with events is interference in the will of god.”

Sam felt horror reflected in his face as he looked up. “You don’t’—you don’t believe that, do you?”

Jim shook his head. “No, Sam. I believe that you have been given these gifts for a reason…and to not act on them would be the greater sin.”

“When I come back with them, when you’ve helped me put Dad right again, we’re going to have a talk.”

“I look forward to it.” Jim said, holding out a hand to help Sam off the floor. “Gabe should be around the corner in the car. I’m not comfortable with the stealing…but it’s for the greater good. If you’re ready…”

Sam nodded and followed Jim. Out of the circle, quickly up the stairs…out into the sanctuary. They were coming fast, already on the stairs into the church. Jim picked up a hose that was laying down the center aisle of the church. “Stay behind me until the path is clear.” He turned on the water as the doors opened.

Holy water streamed out of the hose, pushing the demons back out the door. Sam followed as Jim moved closer, until he was out the front door. The yellow eyed man fell backward as water flowed over the steps and ate away at the borrowed flesh. “Now Sam.”

Sam sprinted past him, through the ankle deep water, leaping over grabbing hands and running as hard as he could toward the corner, where Gabe was waiting in a stolen Mustang. They roared away before Sam even had the door closed.

Sam panted and patted the dashboard. “Nice car.”

“Fast too.” Gabe answered, pressing his foot to the floor.

“I can see that.” Sam glanced over his shoulder, watching as the hordes of demons came running. They knew he was gone. That he wasn’t protected anymore. “Did you hack the control program?” he asked Gabe as he settled into his seat.

“More or less.” Gabe didn’t look at him, and considering how fast they were driving, Sam figured that a good thing.

“What does that mean?”

Gabe shrugged and moved them around a couple of cars. “I need to get my hands on one of his computers. I know how…I just can’t do it remotely.”

They were quiet for a while. Gabe slowed them down once the immediate threat was past and kept them under a hundred as they roared out of town.

“Its genius, really.” Gabe said suddenly. “Billy was in medical school. Got kicked out of two of them for performing unsanctioned experiments. He’s as brilliant as Ash.”

“So the two of them cooked this up together?”

Gabe shrugged. “Guess. From the look I got at their inventory, they’re still experimenting. They’ve sold several straight up berserkers, but beyond that they aren’t selling. They have all kinds of animals on site…and who knows how many of them they’ve already killed to make their…monsters.”

“They’re getting money somehow.” Sam said opening Gabe’s laptop to review some of his work. “They can’t keep buying if they aren’t.”

He chewed on his lip and looked at screen after screen of information while Gabe drove. “Andrew has his fingers in a lot of pies,” he muttered. “Oil, alcohol, motels…motels…that’s how he got that footage….that’s how he knew where to find them. Andrew’s been playing us for a long time.”

“We knew that though.” Gabe said, glancing at him. “Maybe not about the motels…but that he was playing us.”

“Looks like we didn’t break the entire organization.” Sam said, flipping to another screen. “There’s money coming in from Massachusetts…sizeable money.”

“I saw that. There isn’t much background. The transactions are big.”

“Smallest is around $75,000. That’s about the going price of a slave.”

Gabe’s face drained of color. “You don’t think…”

“Yeah, Gabe. I do think.” Sam made a face. Memory bubbled under the surface but he locked it away. It wasn’t going to help him. “They’ve probably scaled way back, but it made them money. Why abandon it all together?”

“I just thought…with…you know…monsters and stuff…” He took a turn a little fast and Sam grabbed the dashboard. “I figured….they’d be done with…with…”

“You can say the word Gabe, I’m not going to fall apart.”

Gabe shuddered and shook his head. “No…but I might.” His jaw was tight and he didn’t look at anything but the road.

“Hey, you okay?”

He didn’t respond right away. When he did, his voice was clipped, angry. “I trusted him. Hell, I looked up to him. And all along, he was…he was…evil.”


“Who do you think did the networking? Who do you think set up the security and the cameras?” Gabe’s knuckles were white on the steering wheel. “I got in because I was emulating him. I should have known. Should have figured it out before…”

Sam wasn’t sure how to respond. It had never occurred to him that Gabe would be so affected by Ash’s betrayal. “You did figure it out though, before any of the rest of us would have.”

Gabe shook his head again. “I should have known when I broke the security feed. Should have recognized the system.” He was quiet again, then he looked at Sam, his eyes blazing. “I want him, Sam. I want to be there when he goes down.”

Dean ducked behind a counter as the door opened, listening to footsteps circle the little room. “Dean?”

He popped up to find Caleb standing a few feet away. “Anything?”

Caleb shook his head. “Nothing. Building’s empty as far as I can tell.”

“What do you think they do in here?” Dean picked up what looked like a medical implement.

“Don’t know.” Caleb fingered a string of what looked like computer pieces. “Wish Gabe were here. He’d know what this was.”

“Yeah, where are our geeks when we need them.” Dean smirked and moved to a cabinet with syringes and medicine bottles. “Maybe while we’re here you should stitch me up.” Dean turned his arm to look at the three gashes. They were deep, but not long.

“We don’t have time.” Caleb countered. He froze as they heard voices.

“He said to get the room ready, once the demon’s in, they’re bringing him back in.”

“I told you and him, I don’t want the altered ones in here. They break things.”

“It’s going to be sedated, don’t worry.”

“You can’t sedate a demon.”

“No, but you can sedate the body that it’s in.”

Dean eased open the door and peered into the hall. Two men in lab coats were headed their way. There was no way out of the room without being seen. There was no where for two of them to hide.

Caleb pushed him toward the counter, then squeezed behind the door. Dean ducked just as the door opened. “I don’t like it.”

“I don’t like any of this. It isn’t natural.”

The other one snorted. “Wasn’t it you who fixed the whole feedback problem?”

“Doesn’t mean I approve of how they’re using the technology. If they didn’t have my daughter—“

“My wife,” the other one countered.

Then Caleb moved, shoving the door at them, leaping over them and running. They were up and following, shouting about an intruder. And just like that Dean was alone.

It was strange, knowing something else was inside you, feeling it slumbering. John opened his eyes. He was still pinned to the ground. The bear was a part of him. Yet, for the moment, he was himself. He could hear Andrew nearby. He could hear chanting.

The room was spinning and dark shapes hovered around him. Dark, angry shapes. There seemed to be a battle going on over his head. Eyes flashed at him out of the dark as they clashed.


The circle was filled with them. His breathing came hard. The fear welled up inside him. Fear that wasn’t his. He was strong. He’d handled demons. He knew that to succumb to fear would make him open to them. And yet…he couldn’t stop. His body shook with it.

The inhuman screaming around him filled him with terror. One by one they vanished, beaten off, until one of them hovered over him. The bear was waking. “John Winchester…I’ve been wanting a chance at you.” The voice seemed to come from everywhere and he was forced to close his eyes.

“No.” John forced out. More fear flooded through him. The black smoke was there, hovering, exploring him.

“Yes. Yes. You’re going to be mine…And when I’m done with you, so will Sammy.”

“Sam.” John tried to hold on to the image of Sam, but it disintegrated into the broken boy he’d been when John finally rescued him and the anguish rolled through him…He opened his eyes just as the demon fell, and darkness pushed him back, back and locked him behind a door in his own mind.

“Dad.” Sam sat up right and banged his head on the low ceiling of the car.

“Almost there.” Gabe said.

Sam looked around. “Sorry. I…was drifting.”

“Did you see him?” Gabe asked.

Sam made a face. “I’m not sure.” He exhaled slowly and tried to remember what he saw. “It’s kind of a blur.” He was having trouble telling what was dream and what was true…the landscape in which he had seen his father was so fantastic and surreal.

“This is Marion?” Sam asked and Gabe nodded.

“The old town was further out, where the ranch is. When tornadoes destroyed everything, they rebuilt here at the crossroads.”

Sam nodded as they drove past the bar/grocery and headed out the other side of town. Gabe jumped when his phone rang. He flipped it open and frowned. “Dad?” Gabe glanced at Sam then switched the phone to his other hand. “What? Where?”

Gabe pointed as they past the front entrance to the ranch, but he kept driving. “Caleb? Where is he?”

There was a note of fear in his voice. “No. Don’t. I told them…just wait. We’re almost there.”

He dropped the phone and shook his head. “Your brother is an idiot.”

Sam nodded. “He can be.”

“I told him not to go in. I told him to stay put.”

“Dean’s not good with sitting.”

“My father and Bobby are here. Caleb called them. He and Dean got separated.”

Sam shook his head. Dean was alone when he found their father in his dream. Dean was alone when he died. Sam swallowed and tried to swallow the panic. “I have to find him.”

“Dad and Bobby said both Caleb’s car and the Impala are empty, abandoned. They’re waiting for us a little further down the road.”

It was too late. He was too late, too slow…too weak. It reverberated around in his head alongside the image of his family dead…his hands shook and beside him the passenger side window did too. He had to cap off the emotion, before he hurt either one of them.

Bobby’s truck stuck out in the open field, its faded blue paint nearly a neon sign amid the tall grasses burnt brown by the sun. Bobby and Allen leaned against the back as they pulled up. Gabe was out of the car as soon as he had it in park, hugging his father while Sam got up a little slower. The run for the car had not been good for his leg, which throbbed and ached and protested as he put weight on it. He put the thought of pain out of his mind and crossed to Bobby who pulled him into a hug.

“You okay?”

Sam smiled tightly and nodded. “Better once I find my father and wring his freaking neck, but yeah. You?”

Bobby nodded. “What do we know?”

Sam gestured at Gabe with his chin. “They’re building hybrids, most likely as assassins. They haven’t perfected them though. We know that they’re using some sort of technology to control them. Some are just modified berserkers, with computer chips that keep the animal dormant until they need it.” He pulled his laptop out of the car and set it up on the trunk. “Others…it looks like they’re working on a berserker crossed with a demon….ups the destructive quotient, and keeps the body going, even when it should be dead.”

Sam backed off while Gabe brought the others up to speed. He adjusted the strap of the backpack Gabe had filled for him with weapons and holy water. He stopped at the split rail fence that marked the edge of the property. It was more than a fence though. He could feel the energy of a barrier that kept the monsters inside. Wouldn’t affect anyone who was wholly human…but…he ran his hand along the top rail. It kept the others in.

He glanced over his shoulder at Gabe and the others. Allen looked thoughtful. Bobby looked pissed. Sam was scared. He didn’t know how much time he had. Any minute now Dean could find their father. Any minute now it could all be over.

She died because of him. That demon killed his mother. Dean was taken and brutalized because of him. His father was possessed because he didn’t figure it out fast enough. His brother was going to die…and he was standing there, afraid to move.

He yelled and the glass in both vehicles imploded. He was panting when he turned to Gabe. It was clear he couldn’t stay with them. He’d kill them too. “I have to go save Dean. Find a way to stop them. Shut them down.”

Sam jumped the fence and took off at a run, despite the pain radiating up his leg. He had to ignore it and find his brother. He had to find Dean.

Dean skidded to a stop and ducked behind a door. He found himself in an office. The nameplate on the desk said “Dr. William Harvelle” and the place looked like it wasn’t used very often. Dean checked the hallway. It was filled with lab coats in chaos. Apparently Caleb was giving them a run for their money.

He looked around the desk for clues, stopping when he found a file folder with his father’s name. He opened it hesitantly. A lot of it was beyond him, but there were indications his father had been injured. Broken ankle and hand, concussion…blood type and a litany of scars. He flipped the page. There was a drawing of an incision on what appeared to be the back of a neck. There were notes, initials he didn’t understand, what looked like a row of six of those computer pieces.

He ripped the page out and folded it, tucking it into his jeans, figuring that Sam or Gabe would be able to figure it out when they caught up. The next page was stamped with the word “grizzly” in red ink.

“Fabulous.” Dean muttered. The noise in the hallway was louder know and he moved so he could see. He froze when he saw them…Andrew and his father. Side by side, as if nothing was wrong. But he could see that it wasn’t right either. His father’s eyes were closed, and his movements were jerky. “Dad?” Dean had barely whispered, but his father’s face changed, turned toward Dean. For a minute Dean thought he was going to be spotted, then a man stepped between them.

Ash. That was Ash. Dean knew it, though he couldn’t remember actually meeting him. Sam said he’d been at Andrew’s cabin before they left. He had something in his hands, like the man in the field. “He blew two of the chips, Billy.”

“You sure? Those are the best we’ve got.”

“You must have mis-wired something.” Ash said slapping at the other man.

“I told you it would take more than six for a personality as strong as his. Bring him down here, let me look.”

Dean watched his father bend at the waist and the two men looked at the device in Ash’s hands. “Well, put him in the room. Dr. Valens, it looks like we’re replacing two of the chips. Prep the patient.”

Ash handed the controller off to someone. “If you don’t need me, I’m going to head back to the house. Vicky was in the middle of something when I got the call.”

Andrew sounded disgusted. “You and that fucking slave. I should never have financed your father’s obsession.”

Ash grinned wickedly. “You like the money you earn on the investment well enough. Maybe you should let me get you one of your own…hell, maybe I could get you Dean back. I saw how you looked at him.”

Dean started at the sound of his name, watching Ash move toward the door at the far end of the hall. “I did not look at him.”

“Aw, come on Uncle Ash…bet all that programming is intact…just needs a little tweaking.”

“Andrew. You’re Ash now. Go on then. I’ll call you if we need you.”

Dean exhaled slowly and watched Ash disappear down the corridor. The house. Ash was headed back to the house. And his father was being operated on. Dean was torn. He wanted to break into that room and bust his father out…but what if they’d already done something unthinkable…what if he couldn’t control him? What if he killed him.

He hated to admit it, but he needed Ash. He needed to know what was being done and how to fix it. Dean moved to the back of the office. He pushed the window up and the screen out, then dropped to a crouch on the ground.

Gunshots sounded to the west. He hoped it was Caleb still on the run. Dean looked around, trying to remember the lay of the land. The house was near the front gate. Lot of ground to cover. He inched toward the front of the building. There was a large open space with golf carts between it and the barn. Ash exited the building and climbed into one of the carts.

“Okay.” Dean tucked his gun into his jeans and sprinted to the nearest cart, hoping it had keys. Instead, it was a push button starter. “Cool.” Dean started the engine and pressed down on the pedal, jerking into motion. It took a moment to get a hang of the thing, but once he did, he set off after Ash.


Gabe got as far as the railing, but Sam was already gone onto the property. “Fuck! Winchesters. Fuck the whole fucking lot of them!”

“I take it you’re a little bit frustrated with the boys?” Allen asked, his voice bemused as he laid a hand on his son’s shoulder.

“Not just the boys. John too. They don’t fucking listen.” Gabe sucked in a deep breath and tried to regroup. “They don’t realize what’s in there.”

“And you do?”

He nodded tightly and headed back toward the cars. “I hope you came armed. Heavily armed.” He sighed. “I’ve been in there. I’ve seen. They’ve had months. By now they have dozens, maybe more.”

“Each one deadly.” Bobby said. “Caleb said they’re still targeting hunters. Says he saw Gordon.”

Gabe shivered. That was a frightening thought. “We have reason to believe they’ve turned John too.”

Bobby frowned at him. “What reason is that?”

Gabe looked at the spot where Sam had disappeared. “I’m not sure I follow it all…but Sam saw it.”

“What? Sam’s what?” Bobby asked.

Gabe shook his head. “I don’t know. I…something has happened to him. It’s all…strange. If it’s true though, they’ve made John into one of them…a techno-serker.”

“So…what do we do?”

Gabe sighed and pulled his duffle out of the back seat, opening it to arm himself. “We go in and get them out.”

Part Five
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